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Added in Repentance

Bishops are stationary enemies added in The Binding of Isaac: Repentance. They appear only in Mausoleum Mausoleum and Cathedral Cathedral.

While a Bishop is alive in the current room, all other enemies that aren't Bishops will be given shields, protecting them from all damage taken; all Bishops in the room must be killed for the other enemies to take damage as normal. Additionally, when Bishops take damage, they retaliate by firing shots in the cardinal directions.


  • Bishops will not protect other enemies while petrified.
  • Bishops will shield Isaac if he takes damage while they are charmed.
  • When captured by Friendly Ball Friendly Ball, the Bishop will shield Isaac, but unlike with enemies, blocking damage done to Isaac damages the Bishop.
  • Bishops cannot be healed by Pulsing Vivid Red Champions.


  • In Antibirth, Bishop's robes had a purple color, and they didn't shoot tears after taking damage.