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Added in Repentance

Birthright is a passive item added in The Binding of Isaac: Repentance.


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Issues: Some of the Birthright effects are not yet implemented. Until a new version of the game is out, use the talk page to discuss instead of inserting uncertain information.

  • Gives a unique passive ability that varies from character to character. The effects enhance the characters' special traits.
  • Characters whose effect is not yet implemented means the item does absolutely nothing if acquired. It can still be marginally useful for e.g. rerolls with D4 D4 or sacrifices with XVII - The Stars? XVII - The Stars?.
Character Pickup Quote Effect
Isaac More options All new item pedestals cycle between two options. Previously-seen items are unaffected.
Magdalene [Currently unimplemented]
Cain [Currently unimplemented]
Judas [Currently unimplemented]
Dark Judas [Currently unimplemented]
??? Stronger spirit Soul hearts gained from health ups will be doubled. Health down pills will remove 2 soul hearts instead of 1, however.
Eve Forever cursed Whore of Babylon Whore of Babylon is active regardless of health and Dead Bird Dead Bird is active without taking damage.
Samson Rage up Bloody Lust Bloody Lust can gain 4 more damage boosts at the same +0.2 intervals, for a new maximum total of +14.0.
Azazel Wide breath Azazel's Brimstone beam becomes much wider like Mega Blast Mega Blast, with 2x larger collision area. No effect on damage.
Lazarus Come back stronger No direct effect, the item is triggered if Lazarus dies and becomes Lazarus Risen.
Lazarus Risen Temporary DMG up Grants a slowly fading +21.6 damage bonus.
Eden ??? Spawns 3 random items from random item pools. Only one can be taken.
The Lost Better destiny Prevents items with the internal tag nolostbr from spawning. In practice, this automatically rerolls most items that aren't beneficial to The Lost, namely ones that only give health, flight, and/or spectral tears or activate upon taking damage.
Lilith [Currently unimplemented]
Keeper [Currently unimplemented]
Apollyon [Currently unimplemented]
The Forgotten Unchained The Soul The Soul is unchained and free to move. It can leave The Forgotten behind and leave the room, and switching back teleports to the skeletal body even from hostile, closed rooms.
Bethany Conserve your faith Activating an item using soul charges is sometimes free.
Jacob and Esau What's yours is mine The character who picks up the item gains copies of three of the other character's passive items.
Tainted Isaac Inventory up Adds 4 more slots for passive items. Does not consume a slot itself.
Tainted Magdalene HP up! Adds 1 more red heart that doesn't drain.
Tainted Cain Salvage The amount of pickups spawned from collecting an item is doubled.
Tainted Judas [Currently unimplemented]
Tainted ??? Poop up Increases the maximum number of carried poops to 29.
Tainted Eve [Currently unimplemented]
Tainted Samson Unstoppable force The berserk timer gains 3 seconds instead of 1 when Tainted Samson kills an enemy.
Tainted Azazel Stronger sneeze Doubles the size of Tainted Azazel's Hemoptysis Hemoptysis sneeze attack.
Tainted Lazarus [Currently unimplemented]
Dead Tainted Lazarus [Currently unimplemented]
Tainted Eden Eternal Items gained before Birthright will not be rerolled, either by taking damage or by items such as D4 D4 and Missing No. Missing No., and base stats become locked to what they were at the time of pickup.
Tainted Lost Extra life Grants an extra life that revives Tainted Lost in the same room and deals 200 damage to nearby enemies. It can hit the same enemy multiple times.
Tainted Lilith [Currently unimplemented]
Tainted Keeper Money money money Strongly attracts the coins dropped by defeating enemies from a short distance. No effect on other coins.
Tainted Apollyon [Currently unimplemented]
Tainted Forgotten Recall Tainted Soul gains the Recall Recall ability, to retrieve the Tainted Forgotten automatically from a distance.
Tainted Bethany [Currently unimplemented]
Tainted Jacob [Currently unimplemented]


  • This item's name and unlock requirement are likely a reference to the biblical story of Jacob and Esau, in which Esau trades his birthrights to Jacob in exchange for stew. The reference is strengthened by the Birthright's specific effect when taken by Jacob or Esau, allowing them to "inherit" the items of their brother.