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Addressed Topics[]

Archived, see page history if necessary.

Unaddressed Topics[]

Greed Mode Edit[]

Im thinking about editing the greed mode article, its gonna say "When the no achivement circle is there, After the game is beaten, The Greed Donation Machine will not Spawn." is it allowed?

Permissions to edit item page[]

Now that Repentance is out id love to contribute some infos, but for example the item page is protected and i dont know how to get permissions to change things. (the free lemonade item text for example is wrong)

The images charging time IS SOOOOOOOO long[] Like this page The pickups images charge time is too long


Needs a page

Moms Purse and Missing poster[]

I think Both Mom's Purse and Missing poster should say something about not working if You have a different trinket in the first trinket spot I want to make sure no one makes the same mistake I just did

Spin to Win bug clarification[]

On the Spin to Win page, it says that all wisps generated using the bug are extinguished upon entering a boss room. I'm wondering if this is just because you press space to both skip the boss intro and use an active item. Can someone check this?

Please Help Me[]

I accidently deleted a thing on ludivico technique and I dont know how to bring it back! How do I bring it back?

Curses image on main page leads to the raw picture instead of the wiki page[]



Hi. I would like to report that This person is inserting false information/nonsense into the bosses' pages. Gold0741 (talk) 12:39, 3 April 2022 (UTC)

Editing guidelines article spelling error[]

protected page, Repentance is typed as “reptentence” at least once. InfiniteIce (talk) 03:11, 20 April 2022 (UTC)

Delirium Vandals[]

Hello there. These two people were vandalizing Delirium's page Gold0741 (talk) 04:12, 27 April 2022 (UTC)

Brimstone Repair[]

Brimstone page is broken, someone replaced all the info with nonsense, and I cleaned it, but I don't know how to fix it. Someone help

Vandalism on page for Keeper[]

Vandalism on page for keeper.png

Someone vandalized the page, deleting everything and replacing it all with "el que ve esto es una puta" (Google says it translates to "whoever sees this is a whore" ). Someone else then blanked it. CHEERIOQU3ST (talk) 02:08, 4 May 2022 (UTC)