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Something wicked this way comes+! Defeat ??? as 6 different characters
Added in Afterbirth †

Big Horn is a boss added in The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth † that can appear in all environments of Chapter 2 (The Caves The Caves, The Catacombs The Catacombs, Flooded Caves Flooded Caves).



Big Horn alternates between attacking with his arms and his head.

Big Horn spawns 2 or 3 small holes; one of his arms has a chance of appearing from each hole. Each arm can perform the following attacks either by itself or in conjunction with another arm:

  • Throws a Troll Bomb towards Isaac.
  • Throws 3 Troll Bombs in a spread towards Isaac.
  • If Big Horn tosses a bomb into one of the empty holes, Big Horn’s hand appears out of that hole and tosses out the same type of bomb.
  • Quickly slaps the ground 3 times with an empty hand and travels towards Isaac.
  •   If a hole is empty, there is an extremely rare chance to spawn a low-health version of Little Horn.
  •   Holds up a Little Horn in his palm which spits out 3 small homing Dark Balls in quick succession.
    • If Big Horn dies while performing this attack, Little Horn hops off the hand and continues the fight, but with low health.

Big Horn's head can perform the following attacks after appearing from a large hole:

  • Spits out a large Dark Ball beneath him that homes in on Isaac.
  • Spits out two large Dark Balls diagonally beneath him, that bounce when colliding with walls or Isaac's tears. These do not home.
  • Occasionally spits out 3 Dark Balls; 2 homing and 1 non-homing.
    •  The Dark Balls can hit and damage Big Horn, destroying themselves in the process.
  • After spawning a Dark Ball, there is a very small window where Bombs can be kicked into his mouth. If fed a Bomb, Big Horn is temporarily stunned, and plays a unique animation, during which he takes 20% more damage.
    •   Additionally, the Bomb also explodes in his mouth, dealing considerable damage.
  • Big Horn's head occasionally pauses and returns into the hole without attacking.
    • This always occurs at the start of the battle.



  • The Hot Bombs he throws are not affected by   Safety Scissors.
  • If Isaac touches Big Horn's Hot Bombs in Chapter 4 and beyond, they will still only deal half a heart of damage instead of a full heart.


  • Big Horn appears to be an adult version of Little Horn.
  • Upon defeat, Big Horn frowns and retreats into his hole. He does not explode into blood upon defeat.
    • Big Horn's hands also have a death animation, which only plays if Big Horn is killed while they're on-screen. The hands briefly shake and retreat into the holes.
  • Big Horn had a teaser on Twitter by Tyrone Rodriguez.
  • During the versus screen, Big Horn will growl despite the battle not starting yet. Big Horn is one of seven bosses that can be heard during the versus screen, the other six being The Stain, The Forsaken, Mom, Mom's Heart (pre-Repentance), It Lives (pre-Repentance) and   Mother.
  •   Big Horn's hand makes an appearance in the effects of the Item Little Horn. His hand appears grabbing and crushing any Monsters and performing the slap attack on Bosses.

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