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Big Fan is a passive item.


  • Spawns a large orbital familiar that blocks enemy shots and deals 2 damage per tick (30 damage per second) on contact.
  • This item belongs to the Beelzebub set. Collecting three items from this set will transform Isaac into a giant humanoid fly.


  • The Big Fan is the largest of the orbital familiars, but also deals the least damage. Added in Afterbirth † Its contact damage is tied with Added in Afterbirth †15►Bloodshot Eye Bloodshot Eye and its position of the lowest contact damage has been usurped by Added in Afterbirth †15►Mom's Razor Mom's Razor while Isaac's damage stat is low.
  • The Big Fan has lower rotational speed than other familiars (similar to Blue Flies).
  • The Big Fan orbits independently rather than occupying one of the three defense orbital slots.
  • Affects the speed of all other orbitals, slowing them down a lot (NOTE: This effect does not happen until you get a new orbital after Big Fan).
  • Horse pill versions of the Pretty Fly pill spawn a Big Fan without granting it as an item. Big Fans acquired this way spin at normal pace and don't affect rotation speed of other orbitals.


  • 15►BFFS! BFFS! / Added in Repentance15►Hive Mind Hive Mind: Big Fan becomes visually larger and deals more damage. Collision radius is not increased, however.


  • Orbital familiars: If Big Fan is the first orbital obtained, subsequent familiars will match its low speed. Removed in Afterbirth † This excludes Pretty Flies.

In-game Footage[]




PC 7EL7 ML6R (Treasure Room adjacent to spawn)

PC Added in Repentance VNXQ HY1R (Treasure Room adjacent to spawn)

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