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This article is about the Afterbirth † Bestiary. For the Repentance Bestiary, see Bestiary Repentance.
First page of the bestiary

The bestiary is a new addition to The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth † that is accessible through the "Stats" menu. The Bestiary shows information and statistics on all encountered monsters and bosses except for some alternate forms of some enemies.

It shows the number of times an enemy has been encountered, how much health it has, how much damage it has done to Isaac, how many times it's been killed, and how many times it has killed Isaac.

Notes[ | ]

  • The order of the monsters starts with Rebirth enemies, then Afterbirth enemies, then Afterbirth+ enemies.
  • Encountering a boss while fighting Delirium does not count towards the bestiary.
  • Seeded and challenge runs will affect bestiary entries, including whether an enemy has been found at least once or not, meaning that regardless of whether achievements are disabled or not, bestiary entries will still be updated.
    • This also means that enemies spawned using the developer console will be counted as well.
  • While fighting Hush, the Blue Boil will count as an encounter but the Blue Gaper will not. A Blue Gaper must be found on its own to be marked as an encounter.

Pages[ | ]

These are the monsters on each of the bestiary's pages

(Click on the images to open the corresponding monster page.)

Monsters[ | ]

Page 1[ | ]

Frowning Gaper Gaper Flaming Gaper Gusher Rebirth
Pacer Horf Fly Pooter
Super Pooter Clotty Clot I.Blob
Mulligan Mulligoon Mulliboom Attack Fly

Page 2[ | ]

Maggot Hive Drowned Hive Charger
Drowned Charger Afterbirth Dank Charger Globin Gazing Globin
Dank Globin Afterbirth Boom Fly Rebirth Red Boom Fly Rebirth Drowned Boom Fly Afterbirth
Maw Red Maw Rebirth Psychic Maw Rebirth Host

Page 3[ | ]

Red Host Hopper Trite Boil
Gut Sack Spitty Brain Rebirth
Leaper Mr. Maw
Mr. Maw
Mr. Red Maw
Mr. Red Maw
Baby Angelic Baby Vis Rebirth

Page 4[ | ]

Double Vis Rebirth Chubber Rebirth Scarred Double Vis Afterbirth Guts
Scarred Guts Afterbirth Knight Rebirth Selfless Knight Stone Grimace
Vomit Grimace Poky Slide Dople
Evil Twin Flaming Hopper Leech Rebirth Kamikaze Leech Rebirth

Page 5[ | ]

Holy Leech Rebirth Lump MemBrain Rebirth Mama Guts
Para-Bite Scarred Para-Bite Fred Eye
Bloodshot Eye Sucker Spit Soul Sucker
Embryo Moter Spider Keeper

Page 6[ | ]

Gurgle Walking Boil Walking Gut Walking Sack
Buttlicker Hanger Swarmer Heart Solo
Mask Solo Big Spider Eternal Fly Rebirth Stone Eye
Constant Stone Shooter Cross Stone Shooter Brimstone Head Mobile Host

Page 7[ | ]

Nest Baby Long Legs Small Baby Long Legs Crazy Long Legs
Small Crazy Long Legs Fatty Pale Fatty Flaming Fatty
Fat Sack Blubber Half Sack Death's Head
Dank Death's Head Afterbirth Mom's Hand Level 2 Fly Level 2 Spider

Page 8[ | ]

Dip Corn Afterbirth
Brownie Corn Afterbirth Wall Hugger Wizoob Squirt
Dank Squirt Cod Worm Ring Fly Dinga
Oob Black Maw Rebirth Skinny Rotty

Page 9[ | ]

Crispy Afterbirth+ Bony Rebirth Homunculus Rebirth Tumor Rebirth
Camillo Jr. Nerve Ending Nerve Ending 2 One Tooth
Gaping Maw Broken Gaping Maw Gurgling Rebirth Splasher Rebirth
Grub Rebirth Wall Creep Rage Creep Blind Creep

Page 10[ | ]

Conjoined Spitty Round Worm Tube Worm Ragling
Flesh Mobile Host Psychic Horf Rebirth Full Fly Ticking Spider
Begotten Null Psy Tumor Floating Knight Rebirth
Night Crawler Dart Fly Conjoined Fatty Blue Conjoined Fatty

Page 11[ | ]

Fat Bat Imp Lil' Haunt Roundy
Black Bony Afterbirth Black Globin Black Globin's Head Black Globin's Body Afterbirth
Swarm Mega Clotty Bone Knight Afterbirth Cyclopia Rebirth
Red Ghost Afterbirth Flesh Death's Head Afterbirth Mom's Dead Hand Dukie

Page 12[ | ]

Ulcer Meatball Corn Mine Hush Fly
Blue Gaper Blue Boil Greed Gaper Mushroom (Enemy)
Poison Mind Afterbirth+ Stoney Blister The Thing
Ministro Portal Tar Boy Fistuloid

Page 13[ | ]

Gush Leper Afterbirth+ Leper Flesh Afterbirth+ Mr. Mine Afterbirth+

Bosses[ | ]

Page 14[ | ]

Boss Larry Jr. Rebirth ingame Boss The Hollow ingame
Boss Monstro ingame Boss Chub Rebirth ingame

Page 15[ | ]

Boss C.H.A.D. ingame Boss Carrion Queen Rebirth ingame
Boss Gurdy Rebirth ingame Boss Ultra Pride Baby ingame

Page 16[ | ]

Boss Monstro II ingame Boss Gish ingame
Boss Mom Eye ingame Sloth Rebirth

Page 17[ | ]

Super Sloth Rebirth Boss Ultra Pride Adult ingame
Lust Rebirth Super Lust Rebirth

Page 18[ | ]

Wrath Rebirth Super Wrath Rebirth
Gluttony Rebirth Super Gluttony Rebirth

Page 19[ | ]

Greed Rebirth Super Greed Rebirth
Envy Rebirth Super Envy Rebirth

Page 20[ | ]

Pride Rebirth Super Pride Rebirth
Boss Pin Rebirth ingame Boss Scolex Rebirth ingame

Page 21[ | ]

Boss The Frail Afterbirth ingame Boss Famine Rebirth ingame
Boss Pestilence Rebirth ingame Boss War Rebirth ingame

Page 22[ | ]

Boss Conquest Rebirth ingame Boss Death Rebirth ingame
Boss The Duke of Flies Rebirth ingame Boss The Husk Rebirth ingame

Page 23[ | ]

Boss Peep ingame Boss The Bloat ingame
Boss Loki Rebirth ingame Boss Lokii Rebirth ingame

Page 24[ | ]

Boss Fistula Rebirth ingame Boss Teratoma Rebirth ingame
Boss Blastocyst Rebirth ingame Boss Mom's Heart ingame

Page 25[ | ]

Boss It Lives ingame Boss Contusion Rebirth ingame
Boss Steven Big Rebirth ingame Boss Blighted Contusion Rebirth ingame

Page 26[ | ]

Boss Suture Rebirth ingame Boss Steven Little Rebirth ingame
Boss Blighted Suture Rebirth ingame Boss The Fallen ingame

Page 27[ | ]

Boss Krampus Old ingame Boss Headless Horseman Body Rebirth ingame
Boss Headless Horseman Head Rebirth ingame Boss Satan ingame

Page 28[ | ]

Boss Mask of Infamy Solo ingame Boss Mask of Infamy Heart ingame
Boss Gurdy Jr. Rebirth ingame Boss Widow ingame

Page 29[ | ]

Boss The Wretched ingame Boss Daddy Long Legs ingame
Boss Triachnid ingame Boss Isaac thirdphase ingame

Page 30[ | ]

Boss ??? thirdphase ingame Boss Gurglings Rebirth ingame
Boss Turdlings ingame Boss The Haunt ingame

Page 31[ | ]

Boss Dingle ingame Boss Dangle ingame
Boss Mega Maw ingame Boss The Gate ingame

Page 32[ | ]

Boss Mega Fatty ingame Boss The Cage ingame
Boss Mama Gurdy ingame Boss Dark One Rebirth ingame

Page 33[ | ]

Boss The Adversary Rebirth ingame Boss Polycephalus ingame
Boss Mr. Fred ingame Uriel

Page 34[ | ]

Fallen Uriel Gabriel
Fallen Gabriel Boss The Lamb ingame

Page 35[ | ]

Boss Mega Satan ingame Boss Mega Satan secondphase ingame
Boss The Stain ingame Boss Brownie ingame

Page 36[ | ]

Boss The Forsaken ingame Boss Little Horn ingame
Boss Rag Man ingame Boss Ultra Greed ingame

Page 37[ | ]

Boss Ultra Greedier ingame Boss Hush ingame
Boss Rag Mega ingame Boss Sisters Vis ingame

Page 38[ | ]

Boss Big Horn Afterbirth+ ingame Boss Delirium ingame
Boss The Matriarch ingame

Unlockable Achievements[ | ]

  • Sin collector
    Sin collector - Collect every entry in the Bestiary (bugged v190 - Mobs that don't exist in the bestiary are being counted. This allows Sin Collector to be unlocked without a complete bestiary).

Trivia[ | ]

  • Cross Stoneys are not featured in the Bestiary because they only appear in the Aprils Fool challenge and were added as a joke by _Kilburn revealed in a tweet made on April Fools Day.

Bugs[ | ]

Bug Bug! The Bestiary is bugged with bosses that have multiple parts (such as Larry Jr., Pin, The Hollow, and so forth).
  • For Pin, The Frail, and Scolex, each body part counts as an encounter and a kill.
  • For Larry Jr. and The Hollow, only their heads count as a kill but each part counts as an encounter.
  • Satan kills are not registered