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Added in Repentance

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Battery Bums are a new beggar added in the Binding of Isaac: Repentance that exchanges the players coins for battery charges and multiple electricity related items. Unique among the beggars, this item pool only has passive items.

Passive Collectibles[]

Name ID Icon Weight Description
4.5 Volt 5.100.647 4.5 Volt
Active items don't charge when clearing rooms. Instead, they're charged by dealing damage to enemies.
9 Volt 5.100.116 9 Volt
Reduces the charge of any activated item by 1. Any 1 charge items instead have timed recharges.
Battery Pack 5.100.603 Battery Pack
Recharges Isaac's currently held active item and drops 2-4 batteries.
Car Battery 5.100.356 Car Battery
Causes Isaac's activated item to activate twice on each use.
Charged Baby 5.100.372 Charged Baby
Spawns a familiar that occasionally drops a Lil' Battery, gives an active item charge, or petrifies all enemies in the room.
Jumper Cables 5.100.520 Jumper Cables
Grants an active item charge every 15 enemies killed.
Sharp Plug 5.100.205 Sharp Plug
Damages Isaac in exchange for fully recharging Isaac's current activated item.
The Battery 5.100.63 The Battery
Activated collectibles can be "overcharged" to allow for an additional use.
120 Volt 5.100.559 120 Volt
Repeatedly zaps enemies that are close to Isaac.
Jacob's Ladder 5.100.494 Jacob's Ladder
Tears fire sparks of electricity in random directions upon hitting an obstacle or enemy.

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