Disambig.png This article is about the pickup. For the item, see The Battery. For other uses, see Battery (Disambiguation).

Lil' Battery

Lil' Battery.png

Dlc nr indicator.png Lil' Battery will fully charge Isaac's activated item upon pickup.

Dlc r indicator.png Lil' Battery will recharge 6 bars of Isaac's activated item, but does not overcharge it.

Lil' Battery will only charge the currently held active item. Holding two actives (e.g. with Dlc a† indicator.png Collectible Schoolbag icon.png Schoolbag) will not charge both items upon pickup.

Dlc r indicator.png Micro Battery

Micro Battery.png

A Micro Battery provides two bars of charge for Isaac's held active item when picked up.

Dlc r indicator.png Mega Battery

Mega Battery.png

A Mega Battery will charge Isaac's activated item twice. It will double charge items with over 6 bars.

Dlc r indicator.png Golden Battery

Golden Battery.png

A Golden Battery completely recharges Isaac's held item, but also deals a full heart of damage. Another golden battery will spawn in a random room, but it is not shown on the map until discovered.

Unlocked by: Dlc r indicator.png Achievement Golden Battery icon.png Defeat Mega Satan as Character Tainted Forgotten icon.png Tainted Forgotten


  • Dlc anr indicator.png Collectible Mega Blast icon.png Mega Blast only gains 3 charges per battery.
  • If Isaac has Collectible The Battery icon.png The Battery and the recharge time for his held item is less than 6, Lil' Battery will overcharge the item for the remaining charges left in the Lil' Battery.

Unlockable Achievements

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