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Added in Repentance

Ball and Chain is an enemy added in The Binding of Isaac: Repentance. They are an indestructible hazard in Gehenna Gehenna.

These spiked Balls rotate around anchor obstacles at the end of chains of varying lengths and speed. Touching the chain does not harm Isaac. If the anchor obstacle is destroyed, the ball will be launched across the room at its current velocity, eventually coming to a stop. When the room is re-entered, the ball will be at rest where the anchor obstacle used to be.



Added in Repentance

Spikeball is an green indestructible hazard in Corpse Corpse. They simply fly in a line either horizontally or vertically, bouncing off walls and obstacles. They will despawn once the room is cleared. However, if the room doesn't need clearing, they will not despawn.

Spike balls can be despawned from the room when holding the Flat File Flat File

Singe's Ball[]

Added in Repentance

Singe's Balls are movable Spikeballs spawned during the Singe boss fight. They appear to be circular and movable spiked rocks that can be pushed via touch, tears, and Singe's fiery farts. They deal half a heart of contact damage. They are destroyed upon Singe's defeat.

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