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Bag   of   Crafting
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Item altar
"Make your destiny"
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Unlimited Unlimited
Item Pool
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Collection Grid
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Unlock Method
Bag of Crafting Defeat Delirium as Tainted Cain
Added in Repentance

Bag of Crafting is an activated item added in The Binding of Isaac: Repentance. It is available solely for Tainted Cain as his starting item.

Effects[edit | edit source]

  • Upon use, pressing an attack direction will cause a swipe attack with high knockback and low damage.
    • The swipe will appear further from Cain the higher his range is.
    • The swipe can be used to open spiked chests without taking damage.
  • Swiping any pickup on the floor will add them to the bag. The bag's contents cannot be dropped. Up to 8 pickups can be stored and if more are collected, the contents shift left and up, deleting the top left slot and adding at the bottom right. Tapping the switch key cycles the bag's contents left and up in a loop, making it possible to choose which pickup to overwrite.
    • Double pickups like Double Hearts will add two copies to the bag. Blended hearts will add one red heart and one soul heart.
    • Sticky nickels can't be picked up unless unstuck.
    • Chests and sacks can't be picked up, but can be opened with a swipe even behind obstacles. Allows opening Mimic chests safely.
  • Once 8 pickups are held in the bag, the bag will show a preview what would be crafted by holding down the Use Pill/Card button.
    • Crafting an activated item while already holding one will turn the old one into pickups like collecting it would.
    • If a recipe would result in an item that hasn't yet been unlocked, 15►Breakfast Breakfast will be crafted instead.
    • Curse of the Blind hides the crafting preview.
  • There are a total of 26 different types of consumables that can be placed in the bag. The ordering does not matter for the outcome.

Component Types and Qualities[edit | edit source]

Bag of Crafting UI symbols.png
The cumulative quality of the components impacts the quality of the item received. The pickups belonging to each component type and their qualities are listed as below, starting from top left and counting right and down. The item received can be from the Treasure Room (Item Pool) (1× chance), Shop (Item Pool) (2× chance), Boss (Item Pool) (2× chance), or one the pools listed in the table below.

Name Quality Rarity Notes
Empty slot N/A N/A
Red Heart.pngHalf Red Heart.png Red heart (full, half, or scared) 1 Common
Soul Heart.pngHalf Soul Heart.png Soul heart (full or half) 4 Uncommon
Black Heart.png Black heart 5 Rare Adds a chance of getting a Devil Room item. The chance increases by 10× per component.
Eternal Heart.png Eternal heart 5 Rare Adds a chance of getting an Angel Room item. The chance increases by 10× per component.
Gold Heart.png Gold heart 5 Rare Adds a chance of getting a Golden Chest item. The chance increases by 10× per component.
Bone heart.png Bone heart 5 Rare Adds a chance of getting a Secret Room item. The chance increases by 5× per component.
Rotten Heart.png Rotten heart 1 Rare Adds a chance of getting a Curse Room item. The chance increases by 10× per component.
Penny.png Penny or Golden Penny.png golden penny 1 Very common
Nickel.png Nickel or Nickel.png sticky nickel 3 Uncommon
Dime.png Dime 5 Rare
Lucky Penny.png Lucky penny 8 Rare
Key.png Key 2 Common
Golden Key.png Golden key 5 Rare
Charged Key.gif Charged key 5 Rare
Bomb.png Bomb 2 Common
Golden Bomb.png Golden bomb 6 Rare
Giga Bomb.png Giga bomb 10 Very rare
Micro Battery.png Micro battery or Golden Battery.png golden battery 2 Rare
Lil' Battery.png Lil' battery 4 Rare
Mega Battery.png Mega battery 8 Very rare
TarotCard.png Card or Pickup Emergency Contact icon.png Emergency Contact 2 Uncommon
Pill Black White.png Pill 2 Uncommon
Rune1.png Rune or Pickup Soul of Isaac icon.png soul stone 4 Rare Adds chance of getting a Planetarium item if the bag doesn't contain a Penny, Bomb, Key, or Red Heart. The chance increases by 10× per component.
Pickup Dice Shard icon.png Dice Shard 4 Very rare
Pickup Cracked Key icon.png Cracked Key 2 Very rare Adds a chance of getting a Red Chest item. The chance increases by 10× per component.
Total Components Quality Resulting Item Quality Range
35+ 4-4
31-34 3-4
27-30 2-4
23-26 1-4
19-22 1-3
15-18 1-2
9-14 0-2
8 0-1

Recipes[edit | edit source]

A list of recipes for every craftable item using the most common components is available as a separate article.

Uncraftable Items[edit | edit source]

These items have no recipes and cannot be crafted using the Bag of Crafting.

Bug Bug! After using 15►Glowing Hour Glass Glowing Hour Glass to revert the bag state, result preview shows nothing.

In-game Footage[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • There are , or about 10.5 million, combinations of pickups and consumables that can be used in the Bag of Crafting. The item chosen is based on a formula mapping the chosen consumables, item weights and quality values into a single outcome.
    • This means, obviously, that there are numerous combinations that all match the same item and listing them all will not be possible.
  • The average consumable value is 3.78125
  • This item was hinted at by Edmund McMillen before Repentance's release, calling it "The Bag" and hoped that players wouldn't figure it out quickly.
  • The only currently known way for this item to be acquired by a character other than Tainted Cain is through the Death Certificate. No actual item pools contain it.

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