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(in Repentance)

Baby Plum is a boss added in The Binding of Isaac: Repentance that can appear in all environments of Chapter 1 (BasementBasement, CellarCellar, Burning BasementBurning Basement).

Behavior[ | ]

Baby Plum floats slowly towards Isaac and attempts to orbit a certain distance around him. She will not break this distance unless she performs an attack with a movement ability. While chasing Isaac, she also performs the following attacks:

  • Spits a diagonal stream of projectiles, propelling herself backwards across the room and bouncing off any walls she collides into.
    • Randomly scattered in the stream are larger projectiles that deal a whole heart of damage.
    • Baby Plum takes increased knockback from any source during this attack.
  • Twirls towards Isaac, sending out a spiral of projectiles.
    • The spiral will always start pointing down, then make a full rotation starting in the direction closest to Isaac.
  • Slams the ground, firing two rings of projectiles outwards and leaving behind a small pool of Red Creep. The inner ring consists of 14 slow-moving projectiles while the outer one consists of 8 fast-moving projectiles.
    • The outer ring's projectiles will always be fired in the cardinal and ordinal directions, while the inner ring's projectiles will have a random spread.
  • Upon death, releases a ring of 10 projectiles.

If Baby Plum doesn't take damage for 30 seconds, she will wave at the screen before flying away. The Boss Room item that spawns when the room is cleared will also be replaced by Collectible Plum Flute iconPlum Flute if Isaac isn't already holding it.

  • If Baby Plum takes damage, it does not negate the ability to spare her but rather resets the timer for her to fly away.
  • This does not apply in Greed mode, or any rooms she appears in that are not actually her own boss room.

Gallery[ | ]

Unlockable Achievements[ | ]

  • Plum Flute
    Plum Flute - Allow Baby Plum to escape instead of defeating her.

Notes[ | ]

  • The copy of Baby Plum created by Collectible Vanishing Twin iconVanishing Twin drops a random boss item if spared.

Trivia[ | ]

  • Baby Plum may be the boss version of a Red Boom FlyRed Boom Fly.
    • This is made more apparent due to the fact that she shares several room layouts with one.
  • So far, Baby Plum is the only boss from Repentance to be added as one of Delirium's forms.
  • There is an unused animation file next to Baby Plum's called "Derpy Plum" that has no associated sprites.
  • There is an unused sprite called "plum_hint" that depicts a timer icon next to a Baby Plum with a heart, hinting at the fact that Baby Plum can be spared.
    • It is found in the "backdrops" folder, which means it was most likely intended to be a floor or wall decoration.
  • Baby Plum is one of only 3 bosses that can be spared, with the others being Boss Bumbino ingameBumbino and Boss Hornfel ingameHornfel.
    • Coincidentally, they all made their debut in Repentance.
  • Baby Plum's chasing behavior is reflected by her item equivalent, Collectible Fruity Plum iconFruity Plum, when it is following Isaac.
  • According to the patch notes description for patch 1.7.9a, Baby Plum's death animation during normal runs will have a 0.0001% chance to use the explosion animations provided by G FUEL! [Check ingame], even if the item has not been encountered. The chance was 100% in the 1.7.9 patch before it.

Bugs[ | ]

Bug Bug! Concussive effects don't work on Baby Plum.