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Added in Repentance

The Ascent is a special sequence begun by obtaining 15►Dad's Note Dad's Note from the special versions of Mausoleum Mausoleum II/Gehenna Gehenna II. These floors can be accessed by opening the special door in the starting room of The Depths or its alternatives. This door appears once the player has defeated Mother at least once. It involves going back up through abbreviated versions of every floor previously seen through beams of light (much like the Backasswards Backasswards challenge).

These abbreviated versions contain the same Treasure Rooms and Boss Rooms as they did previously, in almost the same condition. All the other special rooms do not spawn.

Monsters not normally found on the current floor will appear, as well as unique room layouts and new monsters not found anywhere else in the game.

Once you leave Mausoleum Mausoleum II, you will begin taking double damage, as would otherwise occur on entering any variant of The Womb The Womb or Corpse Corpse.

Entering The Basement The Basement I's light beam will take you to Home Home.

Unique Monsters[edit | edit source]

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Entity ID Description
Tainted Pooter
Tainted Pooter
14.2 Slowly drifts towards Isaac, shoots 4 big blood shots that become 2 smaller ones when in contact with a wall or obstacle.
Tainted Mulligan
Tainted Mulligan
22.3 Walks around the room, avoiding Isaac and spawning Ring Flies. Spawns a plethora of fly enemies upon death.
Tainted Boom Fly
Tainted Boom Fly
25.6 Flies around the room diagonally, dealing touch damage. Upon death, sends explosions in a cross-shaped marker across the room.
Tainted Hopper
Tainted Hopper
29.3 Jumps and twirls around the room, shooting 4 rings of projectiles that increase in size with each shot.
Tainted Sucker
Tainted Sucker
61.7 Flies towards Isaac. Upon death, shoots 6 large blood shots in a hexagon pattern that become 6 smaller shots upon contact with a wall or obstacle.
Tainted Soy Creep
Tainted Soy Creep
Tainted Sub Horf
Tainted Sub Horf
242.0 Will only shoot when hit. Takes heavy knockback and rotates when hit. Shoots a lot faster and has bigger projectiles than its normal variant.
Tainted Spitty
Tainted Spitty
243.1 Quickly yet aimlessly moves around the room, spurting blood shots out of its back and firing a line of blood shots at Isaac. Sends a ring of blood shots outwards upon death.
Tainted Round Worm
Tainted Round Worm
244.2 Pops out of the ground in random locations alongside several tail ends and spits 1 large blood shot at Isaac. Explodes upon death.
Tainted Tube Worm
Tainted Tube Worm
244.3 Pops out of the ground in random locations, spitting 4 explosive shots towards Isaac.
Tainted Faceless
Tainted Faceless
827.1 Tainted Faceless walk towards towards Isaac while releasing 6 blood shots in a hexagonal shape every few seconds. They essentially behave like Faceless with higher health.
Tainted Mole
Tainted Mole

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Even if you've encountered any variant floors during the normal descent, all floors of the Ascent will still be the *original* ones. For example, if your 2nd floor is The Cellar The Cellar II or Burning Basement Burning Basement II , during the Ascent it will be replaced by The Basement The Basement II regardless.
  • XL floors will still be XL floors, which will contain two Treasure Rooms.
  • Any unopened Treasure Rooms on previous floors will still be locked during the ascent.
    • If you enter these rooms while ascending, they will contain different items. This is best viewed with the effect of Dream Catcher.
    • This also means a powerful strategy is to skip Treasure Rooms early in a run to spawn a Planetarium and then get Treasure Room rewards during the Ascent.
  • Devil Rooms or Angel Rooms will have different contents than on the way down.
  • During the Ascent, both items in a double item Treasure Room are visible.
  • If you are attempting to produce a Cracked Key Cracked Key but are carrying Myosotis Myosotis, make sure to drop it, or avoid gulping it with 15►Smelter Smelter before the ascent. This is because dropping trinkets in Treasure Rooms can be ineffective, as the Trinket will randomly pull pickups, including dropped trinkets, to the next floor, removing them from Treasure Rooms and stopping the production of a Cracked Key.
  • Red treasure rooms found through the Red Key during descent will still show up during the ascent.
  • 15►Satanic Bible Satanic Bible has some slightly altered effects during the Ascent.
    • If a boss item became a Devil Deal because of using the 15►Satanic Bible Satanic Bible on the way down through the floors, and you did not take it, on the Ascent the same item will still be there but will now cost money instead of heart containers.
    • If you use 15►Satanic Bible Satanic Bible during the Ascent, boss rooms that you have already taken normal pedestal item drops from will contain Devil Deals regardless.

Bugs[edit | edit source]

Bug Bug! If the player enters the Crawl Space left behind by a Great Gideon during the ascent, the game will crash.
Bug Bug! During this sequence, quitting and reloading may lead to the character changing (i.e. changing from Tainted Lazarus to Isaac).

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Downpour Mines Mausoleum Corpse Home
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Dross Ashpit Gehenna
Added in Afterbirth
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