The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth has 178 Achievements for players to unlock. These Achievements include some of the same achievements as the original Binding of Isaac.

Monstro's Tooth

Lil' Chubby

Butter bean

Lucky Rock



A Cube of Meat

The womb

The Harbringers

Blue Map

The Book of Revelations

The Tank



Store Upgrade lv.1




The Catacombs


Mr. Mega

The Book of Sin

Little Baggy

Basement Boy

The Left Hand

Rubber Cement

There's Options

Solar System

A Noose



The Necropolis

Wire Coat Hanger

The Parasite

A Gamekid

Head of Krampus


Everything is Terrible!!!

Loki's Horns

The Cellar

Store Upgrade lv.2


Mom's Contact

Guppy's Hairball

Cat Got Your Tongue

Experimental Treatment

A Quarter

Something From The Future

A Halo

The Nail

A Fetus in a Jar

Demo Man

Blood Bag


Something Sticky

Black Candle

Suicide King

It Lives!

Darkness Falls

Daemon's Tail

Robo-Baby 2.0

Something Cute

Lucky Toe

The Necronomicon

Mom's Knife

Store Upgrade lv.3

Spelunker Boy

Little Steven

Lord of the Flies

A Forgotten Horseman

Swallowed Penny

Little Gish

Satanic Bible

Counterfeit Coin

Little C.H.A.D.

Isaac's Head

Isaac's Tears

Mama's Boy


The Negative

Dark Boy

Rune of Hagalaz

Rune of Jera

The Polaroid

Judas' Tongue

Rune of Ansuz

A Bag of Bombs

A Small Rock

The D6


Book of Secrets

A Bag of Pennies

Judas' Shadow

Cain's Other Eye

Blank Card

The Family Man

Dad's Key

Guardian Angel

Blood Rights

Golden God!


Technology .5

Samson's Chains

The D20

Rune of Ehwaz

Bloody Lust

Broken Ankh

Wrapped Baby

A Cross


Something Icky

Missing Poster

Maggy's Bow

Demon Baby

The Razor

Credit Card

Death's Touch

Red Candle

The Scissors

SMB Super Fan

Missing No.

Lazarus' Rags

Card Against Humanity

Eve's Bird Foot

Chaos Card

The D4

Forget Me Now

Eve's Mascara

Lost Baby

Rune of Dagaz

???'s Only Friend

Mysterious Paper

Rune of Perthro

Dead Boy

Cain's Eye

Rune of Algiz


Curved Horn

Celtic Cross

Blood Penny

Mystery Sack


Rune of Berkano

The Lost

Sacrificial Dagger

Store Credit

Samson's Lock

Maggy's Faith

Suicide King

Pandora's Box

Black Lipstick

???'s Soul

Burnt Penny

Glass Baby

Store Upgrade lv.4

Shadow Baby

Glass Cannon

Epic Fetus

Cute Baby

Glitch Baby

Rules Card

Fighting Baby

A Bandage

Super Meat Boy

Begotten Baby

Crow Baby

Dead Baby

Blue Candle

Stop Watch

Isaac's Heart

-0- Baby

The Mind

The Body

The D100

The Soul


The Real Platinum God