Binding of Isaac: Rebirth Wiki

Basic Achievement Tips[]

For achievements gained by getting a completion mark with a certain character, consult the relevant character and completion mark requirement for strategy tips.

For achievements gained by completing a challenge refer to the challenge's specific page.

Most other achievements involve doing a basic task repeatedly or having a lucky combination of items, and will be gained with natural play.

Super Meat Boy & Super Bandage Girl[]

See Unlocking Super Meat Boy & Super Bandage Girl.

Added in Afterbirth † Lachryphagy[]

Lachryphagy is unlocked by obtaining 10 Tears Up Items/Pills in one run. In normal gameplay this can be extremely rare, and is most often earned accidentally by obtaining this many items by chance. The following are some strategies for obtaining the achievement:

  • Each item collected counts towards the Achievement. Dropping a tears up an item will not count against the total. Progress towards the achievement is only tied to items and pills, and is not directly tied to the actual tears stat. As such, reaching the tear cap or collecting Tears Down pills or items will not count against the achievement.
  • Lazarus Lazarus starts with a pill, so restarting repeatedly until they have a Tears Up pill ensures that the pill type will be available during the run. From there, prioritizing Mom's Bottle of Pills Mom's Bottle of Pills, Added in AfterbirthPlacebo Placebo and PHD PHD will allow them to generate more of these pills. This can be much easier to do in Greed mode, as you can often reroll the shop items until you find these, as well as repeatedly buy pills until another Tears Up one appears.
  • Tainted Cain Tainted Cain can craft items that count towards the achievement.
  • Obtaining a large number of items, then repeatedly rerolling them such as by using D4 D4 can allow Isaac to get more Tears Up items. Losing a Tears Up item this way will not count against the achievement.
  • A Added in Repentance Golden Pill can be used if Tears Up is not a part of the current run's Pill pool, where when used repeatedly can grant many Tears Up bonuses, but this is very luck-based.
  • Many Tears Up items come from the Item Room and Boss Room pools. The Pact The Pact and Added in Afterbirth †Dark Prince's Crown Dark Prince's Crown can be found in the Devil Deal and Curse Room Pools, whilst Added in RepentanceAct of Contrition Act of Contrition can only be found in the Angel Pool, and Odd Mushroom Odd Mushroom is the only item in the Secret Room Pool that counts towards the achievement. This means collecting as many boss room drops as possible is preferred, but in general going after all item pools is a good idea. The odds of getting tears up items from boss drops can be increased by using Added in RepentanceIV - The Emperor? IV - The Emperor? successfully, and Pandora's Box Pandora's Box on specific floors.

Only items internally tagged tearsup, as well as any Tears Up pills, will count towards unlocking Lachryphagy. This includes the following items.

Name ID Icon Quote Description Added in Repentance Quality
Anti-Gravity 5.100.222 Anti-Gravity Anti-gravity tears + tears up Tears float in position until firing ceases, after which they will fly off in the direction they were shot in. Removed in Repentance -2 Tear Delay. Added in Repentance +1 Fire Rate. 2
Blue Cap 5.100.342 Blue Cap HP + tears up + shot speed down Gives one full Red Heart container, +0.7 tears, and -0.16 shot speed. Added in Repentance Heals 1 additional Red Heart Red Heart. 3
Capricorn 5.100.307 Capricorn All stats up Removed in Repentance Adds 1 Red Heart Container, gives +0.5 Damage, +0.1 Speed, +1.5 Range, and -1.0 Tear Delay, and gives 1 Bomb Bomb, Penny Penny, and Key Key.
Added in Repentance Adds 1 Red Heart Container, gives +0.5 Damage, +0.1 Speed, +0.75 Range, and +0.5 Fire Rate, and gives 1 Bomb Bomb, Penny Penny, and Key Key.
Cricket's Body 5.100.224 Cricket's Body Bursting shots + tears up When tears hit an object or deplete their range, they spawn 4 smaller tears, whose range and damage scale with Isaac's. Removed in Repentance Grants -1 tear delay and reduces range. Added in Repentance Grants +0.5 fire rate and reduces range. 3
Guillotine 5.100.206 Guillotine DMG + tears up. An out-of-body experience! Isaac's head is removed from his body and floats around him as an orbital. Removed in Repentance Gives +1 damage and grants -1 tear delay. Added in Repentance Gives +1 damage and grants +0.5 fire rate. 2
Mom's Perfume 5.100.228 Mom's Perfume Fear shot + tears up Adds a chance to shoot fear tears. Removed in Repentance Decreases tear delay by 1. Added in Repentance +0.5 fire rate. 2
Number One 5.100.6 Number One Tears up + range down Grants +1.5 tears, but severely reduces range. 2
Odd Mushroom 5.100.120 Odd Mushroom Tears + speed up, DMG down +1.7 tears, +0.3 speed, slightly reduces damage. 2
Pisces 5.100.309 Pisces Tears up + knock-back shots Removed in Repentance -1 Tear Delay, adds knock-back shots and increases tear size.
Added in Repentance +0.5 Fire Rate, adds knock-back shots and increases tear size.
Screw 5.100.255 Screw Tears + shot speed up +0.5 tears, +0.2 shot speed. 3
Soy Milk 5.100.330 Soy Milk DMG down + tears way up Tears are smaller and do much less damage, but fire in very rapid succession. 2
Squeezy 5.100.196 Squeezy Tears up Increases tears by 0.4, spawns 2 Soul Heart Soul Hearts. 3
The Halo 5.100.101 The Halo All stats up Removed in Repentance Grants one full Red Heart container, +0.3 damage, +0.2 tears, +0.25 range, +0.3 speed, and +0.5 tear falling speed.
Added in Repentance Grants one full Red Heart container, +0.3 damage, +0.2 tears, +0.375 range, and +0.3 speed. Heals 1 additional Red Heart Red Heart.
The Pact 5.100.80 The Pact DMG + tears up Removed in Repentance Grants two Soul Heart Soul Hearts, +0.5 damage, and +0.7 tears.
Added in Repentance Grants two Black Heart Black Hearts, +0.5 damage, and +0.7 tears.
The Sad Onion 5.100.1 The Sad Onion Tears up Increases tears by 0.7. 3
The Small Rock 5.100.90 The Small Rock DMG up + speed down +1 damage, +0.2 tears, -0.2 speed. 3
Toothpicks 5.100.183 Toothpicks Tears + shot speed up +0.7 tears, +0.16 shot speed. 3
Torn Photo 5.100.341 Torn Photo Tears + shot speed up +0.7 tears, +0.16 shot speed. 3
Wire Coat Hanger 5.100.32 Wire Coat Hanger Tears up Increases tears by 0.7. 3
Added in Afterbirth Binky 5.100.438 Binky Tears up Grants one Soul Heart Soul Heart, +0.75 tears and decreases Isaac's size. 3
Added in Afterbirth Eden's Blessing 5.100.381 Eden's Blessing Tears up + your future shines brighter +0.7 tears up. Grants a random item at the start of the next run. 3
Added in Afterbirth Marked 5.100.394 Marked Directed tears Isaac will automatically fire tears directed at a red target on the ground. The target can be moved with tear controls. +0.7 tears, Removed in Repentance+3.15 range/Added in Repentance+3.0 range. 1
Added in Afterbirth Mr. Dolly 5.100.370 Mr. Dolly Range + tears up Removed in Repentance +0.7 tears, +5.25 range, +0.5 tear falling speed, spawns 3 random types of Red Heart Hearts on the floor when picked up.
Added in Repentance +0.7 tears, +1.5 range, spawns 3 random types of Red Heart Hearts on the floor when picked up.
Added in Afterbirth Purity 5.100.407 Purity Aura stat boost Boosts one of Isaac's stats depending on the color of the aura around him. The aura disappears upon taking damage and reappears with a random color upon entering a new room. Red boosts damage, blue boosts tears, yellow boosts speed, and orange boosts range. 3
Added in Afterbirth † Analog Stick 5.100.465 Analog Stick 360 tears! +0.35 tears up. Allows Isaac to fire tears diagonally. 2
Added in Afterbirth † Apple! 5.100.443 Apple! Trick or treat? +0.3 tears. Adds a chance to fire a razor blade that deals 4x Isaac's damage. 3
Added in Afterbirth † Dark Prince's Crown 5.100.442 Dark Prince's Crown Loss is power Removed in Repentance When at exactly one Red Heart Red Heart, increases tears, range, tear falling speed, and shot speed.
Added in Repentance When at exactly one Red Heart Red Heart, increases fire rate, range, and shot speed.
Added in Repentance A Bar of Soap 5.100.564 A Bar of Soap Tears + shot speed up Gives Isaac +0.5 Tears and +0.2 Shot Speed. 3
Added in Repentance Act of Contrition 5.100.601 Act of Contrition Tears up, you feel forgiven Increases tears and grants an Eternal Heart Eternal Heart. Allows Angel Room Angel Rooms to appear even if a Devil Deal has been taken before. Reduces the Devil/Angel room chance penalty for taking Red heart damage. 3
Added in Repentance Almond Milk 5.100.561 Almond Milk DMG down + tears up + you feel nutty Quadruples fire rate, with x0.3 damage multiplier. Tears are given random worm trinket effects. 1
Added in Repentance Consolation Prize 5.100.644 Consolation Prize +1 to lowest stat Increases Isaac's lowest stat and drops either 3 Penny Coins, 1 Bomb Bomb, or 1 Key Key depending on what Isaac has the least of. 1
Added in Repentance Eye Drops 5.100.600 Eye Drops Tears up Increases the fire rate in Isaac's left eye, causing his eyes to fire at different rates. 3
Added in Repentance Paschal Candle 5.100.567 Paschal Candle Keep the flame burning Gives Isaac a familiar that grants +0.4 Fire Rate for each consecutive room he's cleared without taking damage. The bonus stacks up to five times. 3
Added in Repentance Pluto 5.100.598 Pluto Size down +0.7 tears. Significantly shrinks Isaac, allowing him to squeeze between objects and makes some enemy shots pass over him. 3

Note that no active items count towards unlocking Lachryphagy.

The following items do not count towards unlocking Lachryphagy, despite increasing tears:

It is unknown if the trinket effects from Cancer Cancer or Wiggle Worm Wiggle Worm count towards the achievement or not.

Obscure Challenge Achievements[]

These achievements involve performing a specific task without prompting.

Added in Afterbirth † 5 Nights at Mom's
Get a 5-win streak, using a different character for each win. Added in Repentance 3-win streak, using a different character for each win.

Win Streaks count all types of ending including Greed mode, but the achievement will not trigger if the final win is Greed or Greedier mode. Intentionally beating Isaac (Boss) or Satan without the item to continue to chapter 6 counts as a win. Beating Mom's Heart (before unlocking It Lives) counts as a win. If enough characters have been unlocked, consider going for this achievement early on in a new save file. Resetting the run in any way will break the streak.

Added in Afterbirth † ZIP!
Defeat The Lamb in under 20 minutes.

The Dark Room can be quickly reached by hitting the Sacrifice Room spikes 12 times. Consider using Azazel Azazel for quickly clearing floors, Isaac with The D6 The D6 for maximizing chances of a winning item combination, or Magdalene Magdalene for a large source of hearts to sacrifice.

Added in Afterbirth † It's the Key
Defeat The Lamb without taking hearts, coins, and bombs through an entire run.

This challenge is only concerned with picking up hearts, coins, and bombs off the ground. Items that directly increase your inventory such as 2 of Clubs 2 of Clubs will not break the run. Be very careful around items that spawn pickups onto the ground, and chests. An alternative source of explosions such as Bob's Rotten Head Bob's Rotten Head is valuable in a run where bombs are rare. Magdalene Magdalene is the only character with a certain source of healing, and is recommended for attempting this run with minimal difficulty. This can also be played as a slightly more challenging normal run for The Lost The Lost for more experienced players. Added in Repentance Tainted Cain Tainted Cain is also a good choice, since his Added in RepentanceBag of Crafting Bag of Crafting can be used to grab pickups without any downside. The challenge will only be lost if Cain himself grabs any hearts, coins, or bombs.

No Damage Achievements[]

No Damage achievements are some of the most difficult achievements in the game. There are five of these achievements included in Rebirth, with 4 new achievements with similar objectives added in Afterbirth † with Booster Pack 5. The achievements are as follows:

Objective Achievements
Beat chapter 1 without taking damage.
Beat chapter 2 without taking damage.
Beat chapter 3 without taking damage.
Beat chapter 4 without taking damage.
Beat chapter 6 without taking damage.
  • Dead Boy Dead Boy

Note that there is no achievement for completing Sheol Sheol or the Cathedral Cathedral this way.

What Doesn't Count as Taking Damage[]

What Counts as Taking Damage[]


The lists below assume the player has not taken any damage that causes the player to miss out on the achievements.

Good Items[]

Neutral Items[]

  • Iron Bar Iron Bar's concussive tears cause enemies to move around unpredictably.
  • Thunder Thighs Thunder Thighs and Leo Leo can be used as an alternative to bombs to break Tinted Rocks (though they mostly drop Soul Hearts) and possibly find a Crawl Space or Black Market but should be used with great care, as stepping on a Bomb Rock or a bad Mushroom will damage the player and disqualify the achievement.
    • Thunder Thighs is also a speed down and a useless health up.
  • Fire Mind Fire Mind's explosions can damage you if you are too close.
  • Dark Bum Dark Bum usually drops useless Soul Hearts, but occasionally spawns Blue Spiders or Spiders instead.
  • Mom's Toenail Mom's Toenail can hurt you.
  • Teleporting items.
    • Teleporting into the I AM ERROR room can cause the player to miss out on a boss item, or even the achievement itself if it is the floor that they would have got it on.
  • The Wafer The Wafer generally won't help, as the player would be trying not to take any damage in the first place. However, it can be used in conjunction with self-damaging items, even in Womb Womb/Utero Utero and beyond.

Bad Items[]

  • Any items that only give health are useless.
    • Bucket of Lard Bucket of Lard gives 2 Red Heart containers and heals half a Red Heart but is also a speed down.
  • Strange Attractor Strange Attractor can cause unpredictable enemy movement, especially with enemies like Dips and Boom Flies.
  • Explosive items such as Anarchist Cookbook Anarchist Cookbook should be used with extreme care.



  • Isaac Isaac is very advisable once The D6 The D6 is unlocked; an active item which can be extremely useful to reroll bad items into better items that makes the runs easier.
  • If you have not unlocked The D6 The D6, Isaac is less advisable than ??? ???, who has slightly better base stats as Isaac.


  • Magdalene Magdalene is not a very good choice since she starts with 4 health and the Yum Heart Yum Heart. She also has a low base speed, which makes it hard to avoid enemies that run into you.
  • Removed in Repentance Upon completion of the Added in Afterbirth †Aprils fool Aprils fool challenge, Magdalene starts each run holding a Speed Up pill, allowing her speed to be set to 1.0 from the beginning of the run, allowing for easier dodging.


  • Judas Judas is a very advisable character, since he starts with a higher damage multiplier than most characters, and The Book of Belial The Book of Belial. Being able to deal more damage means less time dealing with enemies and bosses, and clearing rooms faster. His low health is not a drawback in this case, as long as the player is skilled enough to avoid damage.


  • Samson Samson is less advisable than Isaac, as Bloody Lust Bloody Lust only increases his damage whenever he takes damage. This leads to a dilemma; Samson must either avoid damage for a higher Devil Room or Angel Room chance, or take damage to take advantage of Bloody Lust Bloody Lust.


  • Azazel Azazel is extremely advisable, as he starts with flight and a short-ranged version of Brimstone Brimstone. Azazel's flight allows Azazel to have increased mobility and hide behind obstacles, which helps counteract his lack of range with Brimstone Brimstone on early floors. Azazel's short-ranged Brimstone Brimstone deals significantly more damage than any other character; allowing Azazel to quickly get through early floors.


  • ??? ??? has slightly better stats than Isaac, making him an advisable character to play.
  • ??? has some advantages over other characters when picking up certain items, since he cannot gain Red Heart containers. For example, Whore of Babylon Whore of Babylon is permanently active for ??? once picked up.


  • Lazarus Lazarus is not advisable, as he has low range and starts with a random pill; this makes him slightly worse than non-The D6 The D6 Isaac.
  • If Lazarus dies, he resurrects as Lazarus Risen - starting with increased stats and the effect of Anemic Anemic, which negates his low range. However, Lazarus cannot get the current chapter's achievement if he takes damage to kill himself.
  • After beating the Added in Afterbirth †Backasswards Backasswards challenge, Lazarus now begins with Anemic Anemic, making his stats roughly equal to Isaac's.


  • Eden Eden is inadvisable due to their randomness and the fact that Mom's Heart/It Lives need to be killed several times to play as Eden for several runs; if Eden starts with a poor set of items, then the player will have to waste another Eden Token.

The Lost[]

  • The Lost The Lost has no health (although internally he has half a Soul Heart), which can be used to encourage the player to get these achievements, as he can't take damage without dying. He also has flight and can take any Devil deals for free. However, strategies such as using Blood Donation Machines won't work with him unless he has extra lives.
  • Added in Afterbirth The Lost begins with Holy Mantle Holy Mantle after donating 879 coins to the Greed Donation Machine, allowing him to take one hit on rooms without dying.

Added in Afterbirth Lilith[]

  • Lilith Lilith is not recommended for these achievements, as she relies on Incubus Incubus to deal damage, and is Blindfolded, which can leave her open to damage if the player isn't careful.

Added in Afterbirth Keeper[]

  • Keeper Keeper is not recommended for these achievements, Removed in Repentanceas he is the slowest character in the game (tied with Magdalene Magdalene), and has a tear delay of 28, the slowest fire rate besides Azazel Azazel. The combination of these two factors will have Keeper open to attack much of the time, which is made worse by his slow speed, making it harder to dodge.

Added in Afterbirth † Apollyon[]

  • Apollyon Apollyon is recommended for these achievements, as he starts with average stats and Void Void, an item which absorbs other items. Void gives stat increases to Apollyon when passive items are absorbed, and uses the effects of any absorbed active items every time Void is used.


  • If possible, maximize the number of times you get to use The D6 The D6.
  • Use bombs to escape rooms that you don't think you can handle.
  • Do not risk going over spikes, if you don't have flight.
  • A very easy way to achieve the Dark Boy/Mama's Boy is to obtain The Bible The Bible while holding IV - The Emperor IV - The Emperor. This can be used to skip the final floor of the Depths Depths/Womb Womb entirely.
  • Note that you gain the achievement after you defeat the second boss of a chapter, not after you go down to the next floor. This means, after getting the related achievement, you can go visit the rest of the floor (including the curse room if you have enough health) and obtain pickups that could help you get the later achievements.

Force Quit and File Manipulation[]

As a last resort, force quitting the game may help net achievements that remain elusive due to lack of skills and/or luck. A save game is generated whenever one exits a game to the menu or at the start of a new level. If one wishes to go back to the last save game, force quit the game (Force Quit on OS X, End Task on Windows, home button and then close the app on consoles) and then restart the game. The continue option will light up and then your last save game will be restored. Aside from helping with Achievements, this is useful if you want to reverse negative pill effects, exploit coin donation, find the quickest way through the level after doing a "test run", etc...

  • The method is also capable of reversing a player's death. After death, the game will erase the save game. However, if you pause the game right after you are killed and before the next menu pops up, you may then force quit and restore your last save game in the run. This was the only way less skilled players were able to finish the game with The Lost.
  • Of course, this method when abused does take away the charm and fun from the game, not to mention significantly extending the real-time it takes to get through a run. A half-hour game may easily extend to several hours if one tries to Force Quit repeatedly.

Added in Afterbirth In Afterbirth, the Force Quit method has been partially patched. It still works as in Rebirth except after a player's death. If you attempt to Force Quit after death, the continue option is not selectable, and you have to start a new game.

  • Having extra lives used to allow the Force Quit method to work after death. There was no need to immediately pause the game after a death in this case. Force quitting after the extra life starts would still restore the last save game. This has since also been patched.

Alternatively on OS X and Windows, one may disable cloud saving and copy / restore certain save files after quitting the game. This is capable of reversing a player death and allow less skilled players to finish The Lost and Added in Afterbirth Keeper runs. However, this is risky and careless copy and pasting may result in permanently lost in-game achievements and secrets. One does not need to force quit either and may close the app normally. BACK UP YOUR SAVE FILES before attempting the following.

  • Go to The Binding of Isaac Afterbirth folder. Find options.ini and open in a text editor. Change the SteamCloud value from 1 to 0. Save the change to options.ini.
  • When SteamCloud is disabled, the local save file will not reflect your latest cloud save file. The game will look like you're starting from scratch. You can use your last local copy of the cloud save file as the new local save file. The cloud save has format [YearMonthDate].ab_persistentgamedata[Slot#].dat. Rename this file (and overwrite) to persistentgamedata[Slot#].dat. For example, if using slot 1, rename 20160331.ab_persistentgamedata1.dat (and overwrite) to persistentgamedata1.dat. Now your local save file will reflect your last cloud save file.
  • Play the game and reach a point where you want to save. Pause and exit to the menu to generate a save file (alternatively, starting a new level will generate one). Look in the Binding of Isaac Afterbirth folder for 2 specific files with the following formats: gamestate[Slot#].dat and persistentgamedata[Slot#].dat. Copy these files to another folder on your hard drive. For example, if using slot 1, copy gamestate1.dat and persistentgamedata1.dat to another folder.
  • Since you are using this method and are going to screw up, you may exit the app normally after your character dies instead of force quitting. You'll notice that gamestate[Slot#].dat has disappeared from the Isaac folder. Restore the gamestate[Slot#].dat and (overwrite) persistentgamedata[Slot#].dat files from your other folder.
  • Restart the app. You'll notice that the continue option is now available. You may resume your failed run.
  • In-game and Steam achievements will still unlock with this method.
  • Once you are done manipulating files and want to go back to Steam cloud saving, go back to options.ini in the Isaac folder and change SteamCloud value back to 1.
  • However, once you do this, your cloud save is the old one. To update your cloud save with your current local save, copy the persistentgamedata[Slot#].dat file from the Isaac folder to the remote folder. Rename (and overwrite) to ab_persistentgamedata[Slot#].dat. For example, if using slot 1, copy persistentgamedata1.dat from the Isaac folder and rename/overwrite to ab_persistentgamedata1.dat in the Remote folder.

This can also work on the 3DS by pausing just as you die and pressing the home button, then closing The Binding of Isaac. Reopening the game and hitting continue will respawn you on the floor you died on. This will reset your progress for that floor. This can be repeated as much as needed; however, there is a bug. If used on the first floor, and the character that dies spawned with any active items - such as Isaac's D6, The Lost's D4, or Judas' Book of Belial - the items will be removed. This can be fixed simply by quitting and continuing whilst still alive.