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Abel is an unlockable passive item.


  • Spawns a familiar that mirrors Isaac's movements and shoots tears that deal 3.5 damage.
    • Removed in Repentance Abel shoots once per second.
    • Added in Repentance Abel shoots once every half-second.
    • Removed in Afterbirth Abel shoots tears in the opposite direction of Isaac.
    • Added in Afterbirth Abel shoots tears towards Isaac regardless of which direction Isaac is shooting.
    • Added in Repentance When used by Cain Cain or Tainted Cain Tainted Cain, Abel's tears are red and deal 7.5 damage.
  • Added in Repentance This item belongs to the Conjoined set. Collecting three items from this set will transform Isaac into a three-faced version of himself.


  • Although it is difficult to hit enemies with Abel, he can be useful in certain situations. Dople Doples and Evil Twin Evil Twins can be easily taken care of without risk of damage using Abel. Abel can also assist in killing slow or stationary monsters that happen to be around the center of the room.
  • In symmetrical room layouts Abel can be used to clear away destructible obstacles such as fire places and poops.


  • Added in Afterbirth †Extension Cord Extension Cord creates a line of lightning between Isaac and Abel that damages enemies that come in contact.

In-game Footage[]


  • According to the Bible, Abel was one of Adam and Eve's children and was the first human to ever be murdered. He was an opposite to his murderous brother Cain, which may explain the mirrored nature of this item. Also, this item is unlocked by defeating The Lamb The Lamb with Cain, which makes the connection with the Bible more obvious.


PC Vita Normal and hard modes only S94P SNN9 (Treasure Room adjacent to spawn)

Vita 2AYT 3SBY (Treasure Room adjacent to spawn)

Switch Greedier mode only JHHC T67B (First Golden Treasure Room)