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A Quarter is an unlockable passive item.



  • It has a chance to spawn when Urns are destroyed or by killing Super Greed.
    • Multiple Quarters can be dropped in the same run by Super Greed, but will not spawn from Urns once picked up.
  • Rerolling this item with the  D4 D4,  D100 D100Missing No. Missing No., or a 1 or 6 pip Dice Room will not remove 25 coins.

In-game Footage[]



  • When the Shop item pool is depleted, it is possible to find The Quarter for sale in the store for 15 cents. This can also occur in the I AM ERROR room.
  • In the original The Binding of Isaac, A Quarter was unlocked by beating Mom's Heart four times instead of eight.
    • It was also present in the Devil Room item pool in the original game.


PC 1TNY 7MJ0 (First floor treasure room)

PC GFYH 3JPE (First floor treasure room)