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(in Repentance)

120 Volt is a passive item added in The Binding of Isaac: Repentance.

Effects[ | ]

  • Repeatedly zaps enemies that are in close proximity to Isaac with electricity beams for light damage.
    • Enemies can be zapped up to five times per second, with each zap dealing 0.75x Isaac's damage.
    • Each zap can hit up to 4 enemies, if they are sufficiently close to each other.
    • If the floor is wet, such as in DownpourDownpour, Flooded CavesFlooded Caves, some rooms in DrossDross and Scarred WombScarred Womb, as well as under the effect of Collectible Flush! iconFlush!, the initial distance is unchanged, but enemy-to-enemy arcs reach further.
    • Trigger range appears to be approximately two tiles wide - It's possible to zap an enemy standing directly on the other side of a rock.

Notes[ | ]

  • This item has a brief targeting delay, such that enemies can close in and touch Isaac before they start getting zapped.

Synergies[ | ]

  • Multiple battery-themed items have special synergies with the zaps:
  • Collectible Abyss iconAbyss: When Isaac uses Abyss to absorb 120 Volt it turns into a pale blue locust. The locust can create arcs of electricity dealing 0.1 damage per tick.
  • Collectible Camo Undies iconCamo Undies: Enemies won't target Isaac, thus he can safely zap enemies while standing near them. However, this won't work with bosses.
  • Collectible Isaac's Heart iconIsaac's Heart: 120 Volt becomes much safer to use offensively as Isaac's body no longer takes damage.
  • Items granting invulnerability or a shield: 120 Volt zaps enemies while Isaac is invincible.
    • This includes Collectible Gnawed Leaf iconGnawed Leaf allowing Isaac to clear most rooms without moving.
    • Collectible Dark Arts iconDark Arts: Enemies and bosses will be zapped while Dark Arts' effect is active, allowing Isaac to safely deal damage while invulnerable in this way.
  • Collectible Pause iconPause: Zaps will not stop the pause effect allowing Isaac to kill or chip bosses easily by standing near them for the duration of the pause effect.
  • Character Tainted Forgotten iconTainted Forgotten: Tainted Forgotten zaps enemies allowing Character Tainted Soul iconTainted Soul to damage enemies from a safe distance.

Interactions[ | ]

  • Collectible Mine Crafter iconMine Crafter: The TNT is spawned and then instantly detonated by 120 Volt's electric shock, inflicting 1 full heart of damage.

In-game footage[ | ]

Trivia[ | ]

  • This item originated in the Antibirth mod. It originally had an effect similar to Collectible Jacob's Ladder iconJacob's Ladder and a different costume.
    • The Antibirth item was very similar to the item "Box of Wires" from the Community Remix mod for the original Flash version of Isaac.
  • 120 volt is the voltage of standard household circuit in the US.
    • In the Chinese translation of the Binding of Isaac: Repentance, it's changed to “220伏 (220 Volt)”, referencing the standard household circuit voltage in mainland China.