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  • Replicates the effect of Isaac's activated collectible.
    •   Single-use items, such as   Pandora's Box, will not replicate but instead activate and disappear.
    •   Single-use items do not disappear after using ? Card, allowing for potential multiple uses of the items.


  • The ID of this card was 43 before the Afterbirth+ expansion.


  •   Car Battery: Does not duplicate the effect of the active item, activates it only once.
  •   Jar of Flies: Expends both the card and all charges with no additional benefit.


  •   Blank Card: Teleports the player to the I AM ERROR room of the current floor. This will consume both the Blank Card and the ? Card. If done on   The Chest or   Dark Room, will instead spawn an I AM ERROR shopkeeper.
  •   Glowing Hour Glass: Since the card replicates the effect of moving back one room to the previous state, you keep the card having not used it as an item until the room later. This effectively gives you charge-free uses of the Glowing Hour Glass.
    •   The card is no longer refunded.
  •     Tarot Cloth: ? Card is used twice, giving the active item the same effect as if you had Car Battery.


  • The interaction with Blank Card presents a paradox, as Blank Card and ? Card try to replicate the effects of each other. This would result in an endless loop, so a special case was put in.
  • The Blank Card interaction is one of the three reliable ways to reach the I AM ERROR room in game, alongside   Teleport 2.0 in certain circumstances and   Undefined.
  •   Before Booster Pack #5,   Glowing Hour Glass was limited to 5 uses, and uses of the ? Card counted against that limit.

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