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{{raw:en:infobox passive collectible

| no storage           = 
| hidden               = 
| dlc                  = 
| name                 = Wooden Spoon
| override name        = 
| files name           = 
| image                = 
| size icon            = 
| size image           = 
| id                   = 27
| quote                = Speed up
| description          = Augmente votre vitesse.
| animation            = 
| character appearance = 
| tear appearance      = 
| unlocked by          = 

}} Wooden Spoon est un objet passif.


En jeu[]


 Vita  MZHF X3F7 (Boss du premier étage)

 PC  04QG QZXE (Boss du premier étage)

 PC  1GKQ 01N4 (Boss du premier étage)

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