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Texte original "Save your life"
Traduction française "Sauvez votre vie"
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The Jar est un objet actif.


  • Isaac peut ranger 4 cœurs rouges supplémentaires dans le bocal s'il n'y a pas de conteneurs de cœur vide.
  • Quand utilisé, tous les cœurs dans le bocal sont lâché sur le sol.


  • Les cœurs d'âme et les cœurs noirs ne peuvent pas être rangés.
  • If used in a Black Heart or Eternal Heart-containing Super Secret Room it will spawn those types of hearts instead.
  • If a whole red heart is picked up and Isaac only heals half a heart container, the other half is placed in the jar indicated by the jar number increasing by one. Despite the jar indicating that it picked up a whole red heart in this fashion, it will only drop half a red heart on use.
  • If a half red heart is picked up and placed in the jar the total heart number for the jar increases as though it collected a whole heart. Upon use however, the half heart will not drop. If two half hearts are picked up and placed in the jar, they will count as one whole red heart and drop upon activation as normal.


  • Maggy's Bow - One full heart pickup will fill the jar for two hearts, effectively granting renewable red hearts that can be used with the D20 or transformed into special hearts with secret rooms/Dark Bum.
  • Broken Remote - Allows for teleportation with no recharge, however drops the contained red hearts in the room it was used.
  • Humbling Bundle - Allows for replicating hearts. Using the jar with 4 hearts inside it will cause 8 to drop, allowing you to create an infinite amount of red hearts.

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