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The following information/confirmations of The Binding of Isaac: Repentance, an upcoming DLC set to be released on 31st December of 2020, has been collected:

2018[ | ]

August[ | ]

August 30th (Reveal)[ | ]

A "title reveal" for a new expansion was released by Nicalis on Youtube.

The trailer revealed the title of the expansion and its logo - strikingly similar to that of The Binding of Isaac: Antibirth, a fan-made expansion of the game that received critical acclaim from the community but despite popular demand seemed to have little chance of being brought to the official game. Additionally, it was announced on Twitter that Repentance would be available for play at the PAX West 2018 Convention.

August 31st[ | ]

The demo version of Repentance playable at PAX confirmed suspicions that the expansion would indeed be a port of Antibirth. Original content from the mod that led to this conclusion as well as brand new content in Repentance that was discovered in the demo included:

September[ | ]

September 1st[ | ]

Edmund McMillen officially discloses details of the Repentance expansion pack on Twitter.

  • The Repentance DLC is officially announced to include the Antibirth mod alongside a ton of other new content - Edmund affirms it is "the FINAL (for real this time) DLC for Isaac".
  • Edmund will be working with the full team of Antibirth developers (Public Entertainment Networked Interactive Software - also known as P.E.N.I.S), _Kilburn, LeatherIceCream, and NotYourSagittarius, on the Repentance DLC, which will also be published by Nicalis.
  • Repentance, as a substantial addition to the game, will cost money.
  • Repentance has no set release date yet - however, remaining Booster Packs are being worked on and expected to release within the next 2 months on the console.
  • Repentance will feature a new cutscene(s) & lore in the Isaac story.
  • Repentance's soundtrack will be fully composed by original Isaac: Rebirth music composer Ridiculon (in name of cohesiveness) and not Antibirth soundtrack composer Mudeth, contrary to the expectation of a full port of the mod's content - Mudeth adds that he will finish working on his soundtrack nevertheless, but that it will have to be modded in instead.

Tyrone Rodriguez posted a tweet with "#IsaacRepentanceDev" hashtag of a gif showing off a new item, as well as new visual shaders in the Burning Basement.

September 3rd[ | ]

Tyrone Rodriguez posted a tweet with the "#IsaacRepentanceDev" hashtag showing a new gif.

This gif shows Apollyon in Downpour with Curse of Darkness active. Some noticeable changes include:

  • The return of the Antibirth item Lodestone.
  • A new version of the item tracker, with smaller item icons meaning more items will be shown in the tracker compared to the original Afterbirth version.
  • Possibility for the item tracker to be enabled separately from the game timer.

September 4th[ | ]

Video footage of _Kilburn playing the Repentance demo on the last day of PAX West was recorded and uploaded to YouTube by a member of the community. However, the original video was eventually taken down, but it was then re-uploaded by another member of the community.

  • A mechanic of the Dross floor is demonstrated - there are rooms with rushing water that will actively affect Isaac's movement
  • New item revealed:
    • Plum Flute
  • New enemies:
    • Previously described green variant of an Attack Fly that moves in a single file along with other green flies.
    • Variant of Mulligan that chases the player and periodically spits out poison gas. And it also fires an Ipecac shot upon death.
    • A spherical Dip variant in Dross that does short rolls randomly around the room, spawned by Dross Squirts upon death and Clog.
    • A humanoid enemy in Dross that floats and chases Isaac. Surrounded by Attack Flies.
    • Video footage of Clog's attacks and tactics in his battle.
  • As well as more recurring enemies from Antibirth:

Tyrone Rodriguez posted a tweet with the "#IsaacRepentanceDev" hashtag showing a new gif of Lilith in Burning Basement fighting Baby Plum, a boss from the Antibirth mod.

September 6th[ | ]

Tyrone Rodriguez posted a tweet with the "#IsaacRepentanceDev" hashtag showing a new gif.

This gif shows Cain in Downpour firing a total of 2 large tears in the shape of fists. This gif reveals:

  • An Antibirth item called Knockout Drops, which had also been seen in the list of items that were picked up in the previous gameplay.
  • A new tear visual, possibly a synergy with My Reflection and Pupula Duplex.

September 10th[ | ]

Tyrone Rodriguez posted a tweet with the "#IsaacRepentanceDev" hashtag, this time showing a clear gif of Clog on the boss title screen.

September 19th[ | ]

Edmund McMillen posted a couple of status report tweets where he announced Antibirth content and the new paths are being currently ported and polished, and that new content for the DLC is planned once that task is complete.

September 20th[ | ]

Edmund McMillen made a tweet response, confirming that online co-op won't be added to the game.

October[ | ]

October 8th[ | ]

Edmund McMillen made a tweet about the status of Repentance and his other projects.

October 9th[ | ]

Tyrone Rodriguez posted another tweet with the "#IsaacRepentanceDev" hashtag showing a new gif.

This gif appears to show Eve in Dross, attacking some of the new enemies.

  • This reveals the attacks of the floating enemy that has Attack Flies surrounding it. It appears to cough to push the Attack Flies far away, similar to The Duke of Flies, although the Attack Flies appear to return to float around the enemy.
  • The gameplay also reveals the Antibirth version of the Found HUD
  • A new rune that can be seen dropping next to Eve at the end of the video.
  • Eve appears to have a new hair sprite for her Whore of Babylon state.
  • Possibly a new sprite for Ajouté dans Afterbirth †Télécommande Télécommande.
  • Finally, the tears fired by Eve appear to be shaped like a circle instead of a pixelated polygon.

November[ | ]

November 8th[ | ]

Edmund McMillen posted another status report tweet.

November 15th[ | ]

Edmund McMillen posted a status report tweet talking about the first expected release date of Repentance," the first half of next year".

2019[ | ]

January[ | ]

January 11th[ | ]

Edmund McMillen posts an image on Twitter that is quickly deleted.

Repentance Edmund Tweet Deleted Boss

January 12th[ | ]

Edmund posts a second image of the same entity, this time showing off the limbs and body in a grayscale image.

Repentance Edmund Tweet Deleted Boss2

January 21st[ | ]

In a Twitter Q&A, Edmund McMillen confirmed that The Witness will be in the game, although it'll probably have a name change. Two returning characters from The Binding of Isaac: Antibirth, Bethany and Jacob & Esau, are most likely being added into the game. Additionally, Edmund confirmed that true local co-op could be added in as well. Finally, Edmund clarifies while that a couple of redundant items got cut most of the changes to items are just edits.

February[ | ]

February 13th[ | ]

Edmund McMillen confirmed in another AMA that cut content from Antibirth will not be included in Repentance, but that unfinished content may still be finished and included.

February 18th[ | ]

Edmund McMillen posted a tweet once again reconfirming that the DLC would be delayed, while also including another grayscale picture of Isaac fighting the same unknown entity shown on January (which was later revealed to be Singe) in The Basement.

Repentance Edmund Tweet Grayscale Boss

February 26th[ | ]

Tyrone Rodriguez posted a tweet with the "#Isaacrepentancedev" hashtag, showing a new gif.

This appears to show Magdalene in the Mines floor from Antibirth. Some noticeable changes in this gif include:

  • The room featuring a Bomb Grimace, a type of Grimace originating from Antibirth. It spits out a Red Bomb, which Magdalene uses to break the rocks and access the silver button to clear the room.
  • Minecarts being used in this room, carrying Constant Stone Shooters.
  • An unknown Ph.D. item (that's later revealed to be False Ph.D.).
  • Magdalene holding the Broken Padlock, a trinket originating from Antibirth.
  • The Mines having a slight orange shade, as opposed to the Mines in Antibirth.

February 27th[ | ]

Kilburn posted a screenshot on Twitter.

Repentance Kilburn Tweet Item Shadows

Though in the format of a meme, this screenshot showcases shadows on item pedestals, a returning feature from Flash.

March[ | ]

March 4th[ | ]

Edmund McMillen responds to a tweet in an AMA about rebalancing in Greedier Mode.

March 16th[ | ]

Edmund McMillen responds to a tweet saying that Repentance will be present at PAX, later clarifying in another tweet that he means the PAX that will be held in August.

March 20th[ | ]

Edmund McMillen tweets that the team is aiming to release Repentance sometime this year, with more teases to be released after Bum-bo. He also states in another tweet that Jacob's Ladder from Antibirth will be renamed to avoid naming conflicts with the already existing Échelle de Jacob Échelle de Jacob.

April[ | ]

April 13th[ | ]

Edmund McMillen posted a tweet showing a new gif.

This shows Isaac in Scarred Womb. Some noticeable changes in this gif include:

  • Isaac carrying Mom's Bracelet, an item originating from Antibirth.
  • The tear sprite for Lentille Égarée Lentille Égarée appearing to be rounder, meaning that the tears are now circles instead of being pixelated polygons as stated before.
  • Champion monsters appearing to have been recolored in a different manner, similar to Antibirth's champion colorings.
  • The ground sprites for Freds, Para-Bites, and Scarred Para-Bites dynamically changing their color to match the floor.
    • This can be seen when one of them pops out of the ground over the blood - the color changes to red.
  • The Para-Bites themselves flashing when taking damage, not the ground surrounding it.

May[ | ]

May 9th[ | ]

Edmund McMillen posted a status update tweet about Bum-Bo and Repentance's expected release times, and about other games that he is developing. This twitter post states that Repentance is expected to be released late Q4 of 2019.

May 27th[ | ]

Edmund McMillen posted a tweet showing a new gif.

This shows Isaac in Flooded Caves in a fight with Big Horn. Some noticeable changes in this gif include:

  • Big Horn's in-game appearance being completely redesigned.
  • Pits now being properly layered under the water effect instead of on top of it.
  • Big Horn's hands splashing the water when they slam down.
  • Big Horn's shadow balls having their sprites instead of being Little Horn's orbs but resized.
  • Big Horn's bomb-throwing animation now displaying what kind of bomb will be thrown, and how many.
  • The colors of the Flooded Caves have been changed, and the water now has a reflection effect similar to Downpour.
  • Isaac carrying Sulfur, an item originating from Antibirth.
  • The Troll bombs and Mega Troll Bombs appearing to have a new lit fuse animation that also originated from Antibirth.
  • Ajouté dans AfterbirthLigne de Mire Ligne de Mire appearing to be able to synergize with Soufre Soufre and familiars such as Frère Bobby Frère Bobby. Marked also has a visible line showing the path tears will take.
  • The Tear Delay stat now having decimal values in the Found HUD.
  • The Cube of Meat orbital now traveling faster than before, implying that orbitals will be nerfed by moving faster.

June[ | ]

June 14th[ | ]

Edmund McMillen had a Twitter Q&A where he revealed that Edith, the unused Antibirth character, would not be in Repentance [1]. Other details revealed include possible respriting for bosses [2], changes to bosses, and enemies [3], and that Antibirth characters will most likely have gameplay changes [4].

July[ | ]

July 3rd[ | ]

Tyrone Rodriguez posted a tweet showing a new gif.

This appears to show Judas in Dank Depths. Some noticeable changes in this gif include:

  • A new Buttlicker variant which sticks to other Buttlickers it collides with, and it has a chance to shoot 8 bullets upon death and leaves puddles of black creep.
  • Judas carrying Devil's Crown, a trinket originating from Antibirth. Interestingly, it is also in the item tracker. This seems to imply that trinkets, including those that have been gulped, or smelted can now also appear in this tracker HUD.
  • Judas having Freezer Baby, a familiar originating from Antibirth.
  • An unknown item in the item hud that appears to be a ring or a dreamcatcher.
  • The indicator for the angel/devil deal being summarized. This could be a unique visual synergy with Ajouté dans Afterbirth †Dualité Dualité.
  • The Dank Depths floor appearing to have a more detailed backdrop with tar colors.
  • Livre de Bélial Livre de Bélial having a new activated animation, which was previously unused.
  • Lasers having a new animation and become bigger with a higher damage stat in a similar manner to the original Flash game.

Edmund McMillen also had a Twitter Q&A where he revealed that some Four Souls enemies may get added. He also revealed that Delirium and The Void will likely receive some minor tweaks [5]. The Red Key from Antibirth may be added to Repentance [6].

July 27th[ | ]

Edmund McMillen had a Twitter Q&A where he revealed that Repentance would include Hornfel, and a new boss named Singe.

August[ | ]

August 9th[ | ]

Tyrone Rodriguez posted a tweet announcing that Repentance would be at PAX West. He also announced that they will probably be doing a live stream of the demo with Kilburn. In this tweet, he also shows a new gif.

This appears to show Magdalene in The Catacombs fighting The Wretched. Some noticeable changes in this gif include:

  • The Wretched being given extra details such as blowing up dust after hitting the ground or when spawning Big Spiders/Spiders. The Wretched's legs are also more dynamic and no longer have rotation artifacts.
  • Magdalene has a new hair sprite.
  • Ajouté dans Afterbirth †P'tite Corne P'tite Corne having a new effect, where the enemy hit by the tear will receive the fear effect before a Big Horn arm will come up and squish the enemy. However, the tear no longer possesses a piercing effect.
  • A new trinket which seems to turn familiars into orbitals while still keeping their effect.
  • A strange icon on the minimap, which appears to be a Battery Bum from Four Souls.
  • An unknown white crystal active item.
  • Magdalene having a broken heart container, implying that Magic Skin or a new item which gives broken hearts will be in the game.

August 17th[ | ]

Edmund McMillen posted a a tweet clarifying that redundant Antibirth items will be changed rather than removed.

August 21st[ | ]

Tyrone Rodriguez posted a comedic tweet with a #IsaacRepentance hashtag showing promotional art for Repentance.

August 30th[ | ]

PAX West 2019 begins and Nicalis showcases a new demo for The Binding of Isaac: Repentance. A couple of photos were taken by players there.


  • This is an image from PAX West 2019 showing what appears to be Isaac with the costume appearance of The Intruder item from Antibirth.



  • This is an image featuring True Coop, which is another returning feature from Antibirth.

Tyrone Rodriguez hosted a livestream on Twitch, showing the PAX demo of Repentance. Following features could be seen during the stream:

  • New enemies:
    • Enemies seen in the Dross:
      • A Dross variant of Clotty.
      • A worm-like enemy that slowly crawls towards Isaac and loses its head when taking a certain amount of damage.
        • The body shoots bursts of tears, while the head slides across the room. Both leave a slippery trail of brown creep.
      • Lil Bub has a different appearance when being fought in the Dross floor.
    • Enemies seen in the Mines:
      • A black spider that spawns several Troll Bombs when killed.
  • New item:
    • Dream Catcher
  • Visual changes:
    • Crispys have different faces and their expression changes when they take a certain amount of damage.
    • Death's Touch tears got a visual change that is taken from Antibirth.
    • Brimstone's costume has a new, more detailed appearance.
    • Heart pickups flash red when they pump and display their animation even when they're sold in Shops.
    • The Cyclopias got minor visual changes.
    • Sacrifice rooms have a bloodier appearance.
    • The loading sequences between the floor have been slightly altered.
      • The floor Isaac lies on looks different depending on the floor Isaac is entering.
    • Devil rooms produce a darker and thicker smoke when spawning after clearing a boss fight.
    • Keys have a new animation which causes them to sparkle.
    • New subtle effects have been added to many monsters, such as Monstro creating a cloud every time he jumps and shoots.
    • Mr. Maw no longer has blood in his eyes.
    • Gushers squirting blood is now clearer and bolder.
  • Audio changes:
    • Coins display a different sound when Isaac picks them up.
    • Bonies and their variants display a new sound when dying.
    • The sound heard whenever the player or a monster shoot Brimstone beams got changed.
    • New music tracks were shown, such as the themes of Dross and Mines.
      • Boss fights on Repentance floors have unique tracks. Mini-bosses (such as Krampus) that appear in these floors also share this track.
  • Other features:
    • Horfs have a chance to rotate when getting attacked, shooting tears around themselves similar to Antibirth's Sub Horfs.
    • Flames spawned by enemies such as Flaming Fatties are more distinguishable from regular fires.
    • An icon appears underneath the map, indicating if there's a curse on the current floor.
    • Boîte d'Allumettes Boîte d'Allumettes can drop the Fichier:Collectible Match Stick icon.pngMatch Stick trinket when picked up.
    • Minecarts and Red Buttons from Antibirth reappear.
    • Enemy projectiles appear to move faster.
    • The Ajouté dans AfterbirthRoboraignée Roboraignée's health display will change depending on if it's a boss or an enemy, with it either being smaller or bigger and being more color-coordinated as well.
    • Floor variants, such as Necropolis, appear in Greed Mode as well.

Additionally, another PAX video has been posted to the internet, featuring:

  • Magdalene's default pill gives an HP Up instead of the usual Speed Up.
  • The Duke of Flies spawns additional Flies and Attack Flies upon death, similar to the original The Binding of Isaac (as well as Rebirth).

Finally, Edmund had reposted the art image for the Binding of Isaac: Repentance that Tyrone had posted earlier, implying that it'll indeed be used as the cover.

August 31st[ | ]

At the second day of PAX West, the following information has been collected:

  • A user at PAX posted two tweets featuring:
    • Returning enemies from Antibirth:
      • Ink
      • Gyro
      • Great Gideon, who has a list of waves instead of the altered health bar from Antibirth.
    • New enemies:
      • A new Downpour variant of a Fatty that shoots projectiles and green creep.
    • Gurgles have hunched backs.
  • Another user uploaded a Reddit post, featuring pictures of the already mentioned boss Singe and the variant floor of Mines: Ashpit, taken from another player at PAX.

Tyrone Rodriguez hosted a second stream, showing more features:

  • New enemies:
    • A small monster that looks and behaves similarly to Pin, jumping through the room and burrowing into the ground. It can be seen in the Flooded Caves and Dank Depths.
    • A new yellow fly enemy that charges at Isaac and steals charges from active items.
    • A boss that has a similar appearance to Bumbo (later revealed to be Bumbino) can be seen through the effect of Dream Catcher.
  • Items from Antibirth:
  • Enemies from Antibirth:
  • Bosses from Antibirth:
  • Visual changes:
    • Mr. Mines have a slightly altered appearance.
    • Incubus has a new appearance.
  • Audio changes:
    • Super secret rooms have a new unique theme instead of sharing the same theme with regular secret rooms.
    • Gluttony's laser attack has different sound effects.
  • Other features:
    • Rotten Hearts, a new type of pickup from Antibirth.
    • The effect of Dream Catcher got revealed: It predicts which item and boss will appear on the upcoming floor during the loading sequences between floors.
    • The previously mentioned new beggar variant, a Battery Bum, can be seen in the Arcade.
    • Devil Deals have been reworked: if Isaac has one red heart and wants to make a two-heart-deal he needs to additionally pay two soul hearts.
    • Soul heart devil deals are sometimes offered even if Isaac could still spend red hearts.
    • In Downpour, red chests spawn Striders instead of regular spiders.
    • Hanged shopskeepers now also appear in regular shops, as they did in Antibirth.
    • Boss Challenge Rooms on Repentance floors contain new bosses.
    • Repentance floors (such as Downpour and Dross) will only offer one item in the Treasure Room, instead of two items like in Antibirth.

September[ | ]

September 1st[ | ]

During the third day of PAX West, someone on Reddit uploaded this post of images, showing a few more new features:

  • A Downpour variant of The Husk called Min Min.
  • New boss portraits of Big Horn and Baby Plum.
  • Pits that appear in the Dank Depths are filled with tar.
  • Another returning item from Antibirth called Boiled Baby.
  • Wormwood has a different skin tone in the Dross floor, similar to Lil Bub and other Downpour enemies.

Additionally, the PAX user who uploaded photos from August 31st and September 1st uploaded a series of videos showing new features of the PAX demo:

  • New enemies:
    • A grey monster with a huge mouth and sharp teeth (found in the Ashpit).
    • A monster that looks similar to a gas cloud (found in the Dross).
    • Bumbino, a new boss who appears in the Flooded Caves.
    • A Dank Depths variant of Hopper.
    • A Dross variant of Dip that shoots a single corn shot at the player upon death.
    • The already mentioned Dross variant of Clotty that shoots four shots that curve around itself.
    • The already mentioned worm-like enemy that appears in Dross is shown to appear with different faces, as well as spawning with its head already separated from its body.
  • Returning items from Antibirth:
  • Returning enemies from Antibirth:
  • Other features:
    • Footage of the Min Min boss fight.
    • Gas clouds seem to explode in a chain reaction when a bomb explosion touches it.
    • The already teased False Ph.D. item which grants one black heart and increases the chance to find bad pills / replaces the good pills with bad pills. It can be bought in the Devil Room in exchange for one heart container.
    • Photo Déchirée Photo Déchirée can now be found in locked chests.
    • Dragonflies have an altered visual appearance in the Ashpit, with fire visible in their eyes or mouths depending on the form.
    • Beggars and donation machines now have their unique icons on the map.
    • Famine's head during his 2nd phase leaves blood drops while floating, just like in the original The Binding of Isaac game.
    • Big Horn's burning bombs now leave a small flame for a few seconds instead of leaving a fire for a long duration of time.
    • Ajouté dans Afterbirth †Euthanasie Euthanasie has a new collectible sprite, and enemies killed by needle tears now burst into a ring of large black tears. It also synergizes with items such as Brimstone and Technology 2, with enemies killed by them having a chance to burst into tears.
    • Technologie 2 Technologie 2 doesn't decrease the damage stat anymore.
    • Psychic Horf has teeth now just like a regular Horf.

Tyrone also hosted two short periscope streams at PAX, which revealed more features:

  • The first stream showed a new Spider variant that sticks in swarms, similar to Swarm Flies and Challenge Rooms on Repentance floors have new enemies.
  • The second stream shows that babies have not been deleted and can still be played as, and Ajouté dans Afterbirth †Échelle de Jacob Échelle de Jacob has new visuals and sound effects.

Finally, the user who had previously uploaded a bunch of footage at PAX posted brief footage of the Tuff Twins at the Mines.

September 2nd[ | ]

Tyrone hosted a 3rd periscope stream showed a new Boom Fly variant, which can be seen in the Ashpit, as well as a new angel room item, Genesis.

A Discord user posts this image showcasing a new unknown enemy in Ashpit.

September 4th[ | ]

The same Discord user posts two more videos, showcasing both Greedier Mode and a bit more of the Ashpit. In the videos, a couple of new changes and features are revealed.

  • Returning enemies from Antibirth:
    • Hardy
    • Big Bony can be seen in Ashpit with a different attack of firing, which is a bouncing bone that remains on screen for a long time.
  • Azazel's Brimstone now appears to have knockback.
  • The unknown enemy revealed on September 2nd is shown. It moves in an erratic pattern towards Isaac by curving left and right in short bursts.

October[ | ]

October 10th[ | ]

Tyrone Rodriguez posted a tweet showing a new gif.

This depicts Isaac with Brimstone fighting against Fistula in The Caves. Details from the gif include:

  • Fistula now appearing in The Caves.
  • Brimstone now having knockback. This is shown in the gif as it pushes a bomb towards Fistula.
  • Also, Brimstone now having blood splatter effects whenever it hits an object.

October 17th[ | ]

Edmund McMillen posted a tweet confirming Repentance has been delayed to 2020.

October 29th[ | ]

Tyrone Rodriguez posted a gif featuring Planète Naine Planète Naine, Ipéca Ipéca, and Lait de Soja Lait de Soja.

Details from the gif include:

  • Ipecac with Soy Milk appearing to have an increased fire rate and decreased explosion radius.
  • A purple icon for Curse of the Lost now being visible on the HUD below the map.
  • Enemies suffering from the poison effect now dropping green gibs upon death.

October 30th[ | ]

Tyrone Rodriguez posted a gif showing a new synergy.

Details from the gif include:

  • A new Brimstone and Parasite Parasite synergy.
  • The Parasite bouncing along with Isaac's head as he fires Brimstone.

2020[ | ]

January[ | ]

January 16th[ | ]

In a Twitter Q&A, Edmund McMillen briefly answered a few questions by Twitter users, regarding features for Repentance.

January 29th[ | ]

Another Twitter AMA occurred later that focused mostly on Edmund’s non-Repentance related projects.

  • However, there was one answer where Edmund reconfirmed that the game will be rebalanced which may make some players upset, though the ultimate goal is to make the game more enjoyable.

February[ | ]

February 8th[ | ]

Edmund Mcmillen created another brief Q&A, answering a question about Repentance in the process:

February 10th[ | ]

Edmund created another AMA, answering more questions about the features of the upcoming DLC:

February 19th[ | ]

Edmund McMillen posted a tweet about the status of his upcoming games. Here, he posted an image of Bethany in the Basement, who by default holds Book Of Virtues.

Bethany teaser

It appears that the number of charges for the Book of Virtues was nerfed from 2 charges in its original appearance (Antibirth) to 4 charges in this DLC.

February 26th[ | ]

Edmund McMillen responded to a fan on Twitter asking if Repentance will be released on the Nintendo Switch, saying "Don't know". This is contradictory to earlier reports saying Repentance would be released exclusively on the Switch and PC.

March[ | ]

March 10th[ | ]

Edmund McMillen posted a tweet about the continued development of his card and video games. One of the images he posted was an image of Jacob & Esau, who are both dead as a result of Jacob running out of health from the spike in the Sacrifice Room despite Esau having one red heart left (this feature was already in Antibirth). It also shows a Dross Sacrifice Room.

Jacob Esau Deceased

March 11th[ | ]

Nicalis posted a new gif showcasing the new boss Min Min in the Downpour.

New changes that were seen in this gif include:

  • Lame de Rasoir Lame de Rasoir’s sprite properly having holes in the center.
  • The mascara on Eve’s eyes having been changed to be darker and no longer changing shape when Eve blinks, which better resembles how it looks on Eve in her Flash incarnation.
  • A new ghostly fog overlay being visible, likely to accentuate Downpour’s minor haunted theme.

March 18th[ | ]

Tyrone Rodriguez posted a new gif on Twitter of footage for this DLC. Here, Eden can be seen fighting Isaac (Boss) in the Cathedral, as per the boss's usual spot.

New details from the gif include:

  • Bot Fly, a returning item from Antibirth, as shown by its appearance as a familiar and being in the item HUD.
  • Paire de Ciseaux Paire de Ciseaux now having 4 charges in total.
  • The blades of the Scissor item being recolored slightly to look more polished.
  • A Curse of Darkness indicator shown under the map. Appears as a purple crescent moon.
  • A resprite of the Golden Horse Shoe so that it more accurately resembles one.
  • Ajouté dans AfterbirthBébé Péteur Bébé Péteur now having a unique farting animation, along with a rounder head shape, improved shading, and a new belly button.
  • A cathedral window in the lower right side of the background now being partially cracked.
    • Intact cathedral windows glow in the dark.
  • Isaac (Boss)'s attacks having been visually improved.
    • The tears' blinking effect is more visible, especially with the curse of darkness.
    • The diagonal beams of light shake the screen and give off some light.
    • The random beams of light in the second phase appear dim and semitransparent as a signal as to where they'll appear.
  • Potential tear stat rework, based on the Found HUD value.
  • Ajouté dans AfterbirthŒil de Lynx Œil de Lynx tears having new visuals with colored lighting.

March 28th[ | ]

For the first time since Repentance’s announcement, Kilburn posted a gif on Twitter, showcasing some of Repentance’s new significant synergy changes.

The new changes showcased in the gif include:

  • Technologie Technologie-based lasers giving off knockback without requiring any item/trinket that grants the player increased knockback.
  • A reworked synergy of Poumon de Monstro Poumon de Monstro and Technology; the player now charges up to shoot a chaotic short-ranged shotgun blast of lasers.
    • Also, it appears that Chocolat Chaud Chocolat Chaud is responsible for letting the player shoot quick singular beams or charge to get a full blast of beams.
  • Chocolate Milk’s sprite having also been updated to remove the grey area with proper transparency.

April[ | ]

April 14th[ | ]

Kilburn responded to a fan on Twitter asking if the synergy between Brimstone and Ajouté dans AfterbirthTête du Gardien Tête du Gardien looking like the brimstone lasers coming from the doors in the Ultra Greedier boss fight could happen, saying "Damn right it can".

April 18th[ | ]

Kilburn responded to a fan on Twitter asking if some "shadow hits" from Delirium would be fixed, saying that it will be fixed and that the boss fight will be revamped to be fairer and less confusing.

April 26th[ | ]

Edmund McMillen published an AMA post on Reddit[1] in which he answers several questions regarding Repentance:

  • Due to certain difficulties, the development of Repentance has been slowed down. They want to release the expansion at the end of summer, however, the release could still be delayed.
  • The expansion will be released on PC first, further ports will depend on the publisher Nicalis.
  • Repentance might get a retail release in some way.
  • Edmund reconfirms that:
    • Repentance will adopt the champion coloring system of Antibirth.
    • Almost every feature that appeared in Antibirth will be brought over to Repentance, although some elements might be tweaked to better fit the game.
    • Multiplayer will be reworked.
    • The themes of the Antibirth floors are remade to fit better to the rest of the OST.
  • Carte Blanche Carte Blanche is not able to copy rune effects anymore.
  • Floors that were added in the Wrath of the Lamb expansion (Cellar, Catacombs, Necropolis and Utero) will be improved in some aspects.
  • When asked if angel rooms got buffed, Edmund replied with "in a way...".
    • This could also be a reference to the fact that devil rooms got weakened, as seen in various videos of the PAX demo.
  • More synergies to several items like Couteau de Maman Couteau de Maman will be added to the game.
  • Mama Gurdy's appearance will be renewed, other visual updates regarding bosses are unknown.
    • Gameplay-wise, already existing bosses will get no new attack patterns.
  • The puzzle of the Knife Pieces will be changed.
  • Edmund's latest games such as Bum-Bo and The End Is Nigh will be represented in Repentance.
  • Repentance will add a unique savefile image when completing all three files.
  • Regarding the question of a possible rework of the Keeper, Edmund replied with "you'll see".
  • Blog posts regarding the DLC will be published before the expansion will be released, possibly revealing more content.

May[ | ]

May 11th[ | ]

Tyrone Rodriguez posted a new gif showcasing the significant changes made to Ajouté dans Afterbirth †Télékinésie Télékinésie, alongside many other minor changes.

The changes that are shown in the gif include:

  • Telekinesis’s effect now having a visual tell for the radius in which it can pick up shots, though the time for which it can collect shots has been shortened. When collected, enemy projectiles begin to flash white until they are thrown back by the player. The projectiles that were thrown back also get to keep their visual and mechanical properties, such as bones thrown by Bonys‘ projectiles retaining their bone appearance or Gurgles’ projectiles remaining explosive.
  • Gurgle projectiles blinking more profusely, much as the enemy blood projectiles do. They also retain a noticeable hunch previously seen from the last Rep demo that is based on their Wrath of the Lamb incarnation.
  • Gurgles also turning into green gibs and bones upon death, either for consistency with Gurgle’s generally green coloration or because of a returning Flash feature where poisoned enemies would drop green gibs on death.
  • The gibs that break apart from Bony’s bone projectiles now using their previously underutilized animation where they would gradually shrink upon hitting the ground.

May 17th[ | ]

Edmund states on Twitter that while the planned release was at the end of summer it will likely be pushed back due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.


He also talks about stuff that needs to be worked on- which include some bosses, items, cut scenes, and "bonus things".

Additionally, he posted a picture of what seems to be the final cover art.

June[ | ]

June 23rd[ | ]

Kilburn responded to a fan on Twitter asking for exactly 2.75 seconds of each new song on the soundtrack.

There seems to be a total of 10 new themes. These are in the following order:

  • Downpour
  • Mines
  • Mausoleum (speculated)
  • Corpse (speculated)
  • Dross
  • Ashpit
  • Alternate boss theme for Antibirth floors
  • New final boss theme (speculated)
  • 2 unknown themes, possibly intended for Planetariums or cutscenes.

Some songs may be missing or have been excluded from the video to prevent spoilers or because they haven't been finished yet.

June 24th[ | ]

Edmund posted a tweet stating that most of the new cutscenes are finished.

June 28th[ | ]

Edmund posted a tweet stating that Repentance development is getting back to the normal speed. Cutscenes and music are nearly done, while some enemies and items from Antibirth still await porting. The goal was the end of the summer and he assumes the delay is going to be 1-2 months at this point.

July[ | ]

July 21st[ | ]

Edmund posted a tweet stating that the development of Repentance is near its end with two remaining music tracks of its wide library. He also says that some end game stuff will be finalized this week, and after this, they will finally move onto the game's final unlocks and some remaining bosses and enemies.

Later that day, a user asked in his tweet if the DLC could be released before September/October, on which Edmund replied, negating this information.

July 23rd[ | ]

Edmund hosted another Twitter AMA where he disclosed a few new details about the upcoming expansion.

  • Pills will be changed in some way, shape, or form.
  • There will be a new tear modifier in the update similar to Tech X or Brimstone.
  • The expansion is still expected to launch in 2020.

August[ | ]

August 27th[ | ]

Edmund hosted a Twitter AMA where he stated that blog posts and a Steam page are expected in mid-September.

In his Twitter AMA, he stated that the price of Repentance will be between $12 to $15.

August 31st[ | ]

Edmund responded to a quick Twitter AMA regarding the possibility of another series of Booster Packs in Repentance, stating that if they were to be made they wouldn't be announced and be a surprise.

On his latest Twitter AMA, Edmund replied to a tweet that The Witness will not have her special giant room design and will be in a smaller room. However, The Witness will be changed to fit that new design.

September[ | ]

September 4th[ | ]

Edmund posted two gifs on Twitter, one featuring a thin creature while the other depicts a similar creature that is bloated, both displayed in the form of gifs of front-walking animations. The former has an armless, flesh-tone body covered in blisters and holes, while the latter has a rotund, grayish body with a large stitch in the center. Both heads are bisected into a fleshy half and a grey half, stitched together in the center, and the eye that’s opened on their half of the head is respective towards their body type. Later on, Edmund would confirm that these are two separate “twins” with a complex relationship. It is currently unknown if these entities are bosses or complex enemies.

September 9th[ | ]

Tyrone posted an image of what appears to be the new title screen for Repentance. Further, when asked if Repentance would be ported to the Switch, Tyrone responded "Yes, but it'll take some work. Lots of optimization [is needed]."

Reptentance Title Screen Tyrone

September 10th[ | ]

Kilburn posted a gif on Twitter.

Details from the gif include:

September 11th[ | ]

Tyrone posted a blurry pic on Twitter. It appears to be the costume for Ajouté dans Afterbirth †Plaque de Fer Plaque de Fer possibly designed as a teaser.

Repentance Blurry Teaser

September 13th[ | ]

During a Twitter AMA, Edmund was asked an approximate release date for Repentance. He responded, "I mean the goal was end of summer and then the world ended [COVID-19] and production slowed... the goal is still this year, but honestly when it’s done it’s done." When another user asked if Edmund is 100% sure Repentance will be released this year, Edmund did not directly answer the question. Another user asked how much of Repentance is done on a percent scale. Edmund responded, that Repentance is 85% done.

Edmund noted that Repentance is "very close to [being] an isaac 2." and, "a major bookend to the "series"." Edmund also mentioned that a lot of the ideas used in Repentance "were ones locked away for isaac 2 especially cutscene wise." A user noted, "If repentance is substantial enough in content, whatever sequel there will be for Isaac will then be a very long way away and be completely different because more of the same could just be another update to the original." Edmund agreed.

Edmund was asked if an additional horseman that was planned to be in the Antibirth mod will make it into Repentance. Edmund responded, "I’m not aware of any horsemen planned."

September 14th[ | ]

Tyrone posted a tweet on Twitter. He posts some of the letters to the names of one or possibly two bosses.

September 22nd[ | ]

Tyrone posted a teaser gif on Twitter.

Details from the gif include:

  • ??? fighting two Hardies from Antibirth with improved animations.
  • The Myosotis trinket from Antibirth.
  • ??? having a unique costume for Pot Belge Pot Belge that keeps his X eyes (likely other items have new costumes as well).
  • Bombs having a lit fuse animation from Antibirth.
  • Ajouté dans AfterbirthBombes à Fragmentation Bombes à Fragmentation having a unique bomb costume and the small bombs that spawn after the main Scatter bomb exploding almost immediately.
  • L'Embarras du Choix L'Embarras du Choix appearing to have a new sprite or a new item with a similar effect.
  • There are two shadows appearing in the center of the room right after killing all enemies, indicating two rewards for clearing the room. This may suggest that either ??? or some of his items were reworked to give more rewards, the Myosotis trinket doesn't have its effect from Antibirth, or this is the effect of the There's Option-like item.

September 27th[ | ]

Tyrone posted a teaser gif on Twitter.

Details from the gif include:

September 28th[ | ]

Tyrone posted another teaser gif on Twitter.

Details from the gif include:

At the end of the day, Tyrone also put a link to the official Steam page for the game, which reveals more images with more content. It also states that there will be 130+ items, A full alternate path with brand new chapters and a new final boss and ending, 100+ enemies, 25+ bosses, 2 new characters (Bethany and Jacob & Esau), 5 new challenges, 100+ achievements, and 5,000+ new room designs. The page also says that the dlc will come out on December 31st, 2020, but it's likely just a placeholder. Unfortunately, according to Edmund's response to a Tweet, the DLC won't be released for the Mac.

Repentance Steam Page 1 Repentance Steam Page 2 Repentance Steam Page 3 Repentance Steam Page 4 Repentance Steam Page 5 Repentance Steam Page 6 Repentance Steam Page 7 Repentance Steam Page 8 Repentance Steam Page 9

  • New Enemies:
    • A variant of Poky with a large red eye that appears in the Mausoleum.

Edmund also uploaded a blog post to accompany the steam page:

Isaac blog 1Isaac Blog 2

  • Items and Trinkets from Antibirth:
  • Changes:
  • Edmund says that the DLC is over 90% done and to expect regular blog posts, similar to those for previous DLCs, starting the second half of October.

October[ | ]

October 9th[ | ]

Tyrone posted another blog post on Steam in which he interviewed the Ridiculon, the musical duo responsible for The Binding of Isaac soundtrack, and showed another screenshot of the DLC. In the interview, Jon also mentioned that there are nearly 45 minutes of new music and that a new song named "River of Despare" will be revealed next week.

Isaac blog 2

  • Items from Antibirth:
  • Changes:
    • Eternal D6's recharge time was lowered from 3 to 2 rooms.
    • Malédiction de Bob Malédiction de Bob has a slightly tweaked shape.
    • Previously shown Ajouté dans AfterbirthBombes à Fragmentation Bombes à Fragmentation new design is compatible with other bombs modifiers, such as Bob's Curse.
    • Spiked rocks from the Antibirth mod have returned with a redesigned sprite, although this could simply be a design variant.
    • The tar in Dank Depths is leaking from the top of the walls, instead of leaking from wall cracks.
    • The previously seen dank version of Hopper appears to leave a puddle of black creep and a chaotic splash of tears similar to Monstro, though with much fewer tears.
    • Rocks and Skulls now have a fully black outline (might be the effect of color correction used for the floor).
    • A closer look at the new Dank Depths background, with pillars near the corners of the room.

October 15th[ | ]

Edmund posted a new blog post. It is following his last blog post in which he interviewed the Ridiculon duo, creators of the Isaac soundtrack. On this new blog post, he revealed a new GIF, a teaser of a soundtrack called River Of Despare and goes into details about how this theme has been created by Ridiculon and Edmund itself.

  • Changes:
    • Azazel's appearance was redesigned, his hair and horns are now fully colored and his opened mouth now better resembles the new Brimstone costume.
    • A new synergy between Ajouté dans Afterbirth †Lachryphagie Lachryphagie and Soufre Soufre - character rapidly fires a stream of small fully-red shots alongside the blood barrage, which quickly combine into one big tear if the character doesn't move, and also burst into 8 blood shots instead of laser beams.
    • A new item which looks like an opened can, probably gives a health up. Might also be a reskin of Dîner Dîner.
    • A new trinket which looks like a key. Its effect is unknown.

On the blog, there is also a link which redirects to a new official SoundCloud account for The Binding of Isaac. That link features a brand new theme made by Ridiculon, called River Of Despare.

In the blog, Matthias said, "The River of Despare, it's a distance cousin of Sodden Hollow. Expect dank, liquidy and a slow drum groove. What you're going to hear is more of an ambient feeling of sudden hallow and what was spawned a lot of the Isaac soundtrack."

This soundtrack was previously featured in recorded footages of the Binding of Isaac: Repentance PAX gameplays during the Downpour stage, this time with slight alterations including a new intro track and the sound of water slushing during most of the track.

References[ | ]