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Collectible Steven icon.png
Apparence du personnage
Type d'objet
Objet Passif
ID de l'objet
DMG up
Item Pool
Itempool StevenCoffre Doré
Grille de collection
Ajouté dans Afterbirth Afterbirth

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Disambig.png Cet article est à propos the item. Pour the boss, voir Steven.


Steven is an unlockable passive item.


  • +1 Damage up.

NoDLC Indicator.pngTips[]

Finding Steven for the collection page can be difficult, as the boss Steven rarely appears and has a high chance to drop Little Steven instead of Steven. The following method can be used to obtain Steven.

  • Make sure Steven is unlocked.
  • Play as Azazel.
  • Restart until the Basement appears.
  • Rush to the Boss Room.
    • The given Fool Card can return Azazel instantly to the start if he went a wrong way.
    • By using Black Hearts, slow rooms can be cleared quickly.
    • Skipping any special rooms (such as Treasure Rooms or Curse Rooms) and leaving any Pickups behind allow faster rushing.
  • The process is repeated until Steven is found as the first boss and until he drops Steven.


In-game Footage[]


  • Steven originated from the 2009 flash game Time Fcuk, which was created by Edmund McMillen.


 PC  CV4R NXJL (First floor boss; Treasure room has Little Steven)

 PC  3VMF EM1F (First floor boss; Treasure room has Little Steven)

 PC  E6RR V8GG (First floor boss) (Hard mode only)

 PC  K4MH HE6L (First floor boss) (Hard mode only)

 PC  92DJ J7KT (First floor boss) (Hard mode only)

 PC  6MDJ EABL (First floor boss) (Hard mode only)

 PC  CA4H D8R4 (First floor boss)

 PS4  H3M2 0W30 (First floor boss; Treasure room has Little Steven)

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