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SPEED! is Challenge #22. In this challenge, all enemies are sped up as if under the "speed up" effect of the Broken Watch. Isaac also has greatly increased movement speed as well. Your goal is to defeat Mom's Heart or It Lives within 16 minutes.


This is arguably one of the hardest challenges in the game. The large speed up presents many challenges, as Isaac's increased speed can cause the player to take unnecessary damage if they are not careful. The 16 minute time limit is also a very strict timer to beat, and forces you to skip exploring most of the floors, which gets worse the slower you can clear each room.


  • Since you are under a very strict time limit, cut down exploring to a minimum. Find the Treasure Room (and possibly the Shop) and make your way to the Boss as fast as you can. The Compass and The Mind are very powerful in this challenge, as is "The Emperor" card. Floor skipping with We Need To Go Deeper! and such are also valuable time-savers, as long as you are comfortable with your clearing speed.
  • The 16 minute limit isn't a hard timer that completely ends your run. After 16 minutes, every 10 seconds, damage is dealt periodically to Isaac, starting at 16:10, dealing 1/2 heart of damage up until the Depths and full heart damage at the Womb.
  • Isaac's highly increased speed is a powerful asset to completing this run, but can be dangerous as the player may accidentally run over spikes or into enemies/bullets that they otherwise would not run into. It is important to be careful and adjust to the speed-up.
  • Blank Card is a powerful item in this run, as there are cards and runes such as "The Emperor", "The Sun", "Ansuz", and "Ehwaz" which can allow much faster progression through the game, and it is a huge benefit to be able to use them multiple times.
  • Anything that can help you clear rooms faster is a must. Damage and Tear boosting items are a priority, and make as many Devil Deals as possible, since many Devil Deals items grant increased damage. "Boss killer" items such as Krampus' Head are also very useful for speeding up progress. Powerful orbitals such as Sacrificial Dagger will also take out enemies very quickly, although using it without some form of invincibility is dangerous, as this can cause Isaac to take damage.
  • Getting the Stop Watch will make this challenge easier, since it will slow all enemies in the room when Isaac takes damage, counteracting their increased speed.
  • Health is important, not only compensating for the damage taken, but also for making Devil Deals.
  • Avoid Challenge Up (i.e. Purple Heart, Champion Belt) since Champion enemies take longer to kill, slowing your progress down.
  • Boss Rush is guaranteed to appear on this challenge, as the player has to beat the game in less than 16 minutes, but it should be avoided unless there is a way to teleport out of it or skip it.
  • Don't be afraid to use bombs for damage. They are especially useful for the first two chapters, especially if you lack damage output from tears alone. Bombs should also be used to skip time-consuming rooms whenever possible.
  • The timed damage can be absorbed by the Holy Mantle, making it an even more valuable asset since Isaac can leave the just-cleared room the way he came, re-enter it, wait until the timed damage is dealt, and proceed. By doing so, Isaac can get a 20-seconds buffer (10s if hit) to rinse and repeat the process without taking any damage.
  • Black Candle is a valuable item to purchase from the shop, as it prevents Isaac from being afflicted by Curse of the Lost and Curse of the Maze, both of which can waste precious time. The Dagaz rune will also remove curses for a single floor if used.
  • Pyromaniac and explosives (Curse Of The Tower or any other way to get a lot of bombs) can be really useful and allow Isaac to survive after the 16 minute limit.
  • The Ludovico Technique shouldn't be picked up without high shot speed, as it will move slower than most enemies.
  • Since Isaac starts with increased speed, Taurus can be used to start every room with the Gamekid effect making it effective for clearing rooms quickly.
  • The Bible can be used to instantly kill Mom and It Lives, making it a more valuable item in this run.


Prior to a patch, Isaac moved at normal speed while all enemies moved faster. It was changed to give Isaac increased speed, as the challenge was deemed to be unfairly difficult before.


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