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The Lamb est le boss final de la Dark Room.

Attaques[ | ]

The Lamb est un boss dont le combat se déroule en deux phases. Le passage de la première phase à la seconde se déclenche lorsque le boss a perdu la moitié de sa vie

The Lamb a différentes variétés d'attaques durant cette phase:

  • Tire 2 à 4 larmes directement sur le joueur.
  • Unleashes a scatter shot of many small explosive tears in a random fashion.
  • tire en chaîne des larmes non-explosives dans un pattern circulaire autour de lui-même, comme Mom's Heart.
  • Tire un demi-cercle autour de lui-même qui se compose de petites larmes non-explosives qui se disperse à la suite d'un contact avec n'importe quelle surface, comme The Parasite.
  • Tire 4 Brimstone, comme l'objet Head of Krampus, ils peuvent tourner dans le sens des aiguilles ou dans le sens inverse, comme Mom's Heart.
  • Tire jusqu'à 5 lignes de larmes non-explosives. Fait spawn des flies durant l'attaque.
  • Fires a 3-way or a V shot that will consist of homing tears towards Isaac. Spawns attack flies during this attack.

Phase 2[ | ]

Quand la vie de The Lamb atteint 50%, il va tomber sur le sol et sa tête va se détacher de son corps. Dans cette phase, les deux parties de The Lamb vont attaquer indépendament de mêmes; la tête gagne trois attaque en plus de ses attaques de la premières phases, tandis que le corps n’aura que deux attaques qu’il utilisera a intervalles aléatoires.

The Head's Attacks[ | ]

The head of the Lamb can use any of the attacks from Phase 1, but now has three additional attacks. It operates independently of the body and does not seem to change its behavior at all when the body is defeated.

  • Charges extremely quickly directly towards the player, stopping at the edge of the room.
  • Stops in place and fires a spinning Brimstone attack, similar to the Phase 1 attack. After a few seconds, the beams will begin to rotate and sweep around the room clockwise or counterclockwise.
  • Fires a large burst of homing tears at the player, similar to a Monstro's Lung attack.
  • The Lamb will start moving again after each attack is finished.

Notes[ | ]

  • Modèle:Afterbirth The Lamb peu être atteint avant que The Negative soit débloqué si une Sacrifice Room est utilisée 12 fois ou plus.

The Body's Attacks[ | ]

Le corp de the Lamb est stationnaire et restera peu importe ou été the Lamb a la fin de la première phase.

It does not have any of Phase 1's attacks. The body will use its attacks at random intervals and does not seem to react to anything. It will attack in the same way regardless of whether or not the head is still alive, and does not seem to attack any more often even if the player stands in its line of fire.

  • Fires a large burst of tears at the player similar to a Monstro's Lung attack. They may look like explosive or homing tears, but they have no special effects whatsoever.
  • Spawns up to 5 attack flies.
    • If the head is defeated first, the body will be able to spawn up to 25 attack flies.
  • When the body is killed, a Curse of Darkness effect will cover the entire étage for a significantly longer period of time than the effect other bosses create.

Objets à débloquer[ | ]

Les objets suivant peuvent être débloqués en battant The Lamb avec le personnage correspondant :

In addition, beating the Lamb with a particular character will unlock the Negative Completion Mark for that character.

Bugs[ | ]

Bug Bug ! There may be a bug where using The Tick will cause the head to become invincible upon entering its second form. This will also happen when the Lamb's body is defeated too quickly when Phase 2 begins. If this bug occurs, exiting and continuing will reset the boss to full health allowing the boss to be killed.
Bug Bug ! If The Lamb is shooting projectiles and you damage it over half of its health, it will continue to fire until dead or it has finished its attack.
Bug Bug ! Killing the body in around 5 seconds will make the body stand inside of the chest, making you unable to reach it (and end the game). You can fix this by going in and out of the room.
Bug Bug ! If the head is destroyed before the body, the Lamb's boss fight music may still play after the body is defeated.

Trivia[ | ]

  • The music that plays during this battle is titled The Fallen Angel.[1]
  • The Lamb is likely a reference to the name of the original Binding of Isaac's DLC expansion, "the Wrath of the Lamb". Due to the absence of any mention of a Lamb in the original game, this may be the character eponymous with The Wrath of the Lamb expansion pack.
  • Jesus Christ is often referred to as "the Lamb" in the Bible, therefore it is possible that this boss represents Christ in some darker sense.[2]
  • One of the Fortune Teller's fortunes states "Your soul is hidden deep within the darkness". This may be a reference to the Lost's unlockable item for defeating the Lamb, which is The Soul. The Soul could be considered "hidden deep within the darkness" because The Lamb is the boss of the Dark Room, and you have to beat it with the hidden character in order to unlock it.
  • The Vs. Screen introduction depicts the Lamb with solid black bones, but in-game the Lamb actually has pure white bones.
  • When Abraham was going to sacrifice Isaac, God sent down a Lamb instead. This could be a representation of that Lamb.

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