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Ajouté dans Afterbirth

The Stain is a boss in Afterbirth. It's a posthumous form of Polycephalus.

Behavior[ | ]

In a similar manner to Polycephalus, The Stain will go underground when Isaac is not within reach. While underground (and invisible), when The Stain and Isaac are closer together, it will pop out and unleash an attack. Some attacks are:

  • Barrage of numerous bullets in all directions. The first barrage starts with fast moving bullets that slow down. The second barrage starts with slow moving bullets that speed up.
  • A horizontal melee tentacle attack from both sides. This leaves creep behind on each side of The Stain as well.
  • Spawns two Chargers.

Arène[ | ]

Quand vous combattez The Stain des obstacles peuvent apparaître:

  • Rien
  • 2 Red Poops (near upper-right and bottom-left corners)
  • 2 Red Poops (near the center)
  • 4 Red Poops (in all corners)
  • 2x2 Pits in upper-right and bottom-left corners

Gallery[ | ]