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Ajouté dans Afterbirth
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Ange Gardien est un nouveau défi ajouté dans The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth. Isaac commence Les yeux bandés, avec Punching Bag, Isaac's Heart, Holy Grail et Spear Of Destiny. Votre objectif est de vaincre Mom's Heart ou It Lives. Isaac's Heart suivra le Punching Bag au lieu d'Isaac.

Difficulté[ | ]

The Guardian est l'un des défis les plus difficiles du jeu. Le comportement imprévisible du sac de boxe et sa tendance à se mettre en danger feront que le joueur subira très souvent des dégâts inutiles. Notez que c'est en fait le sac de boxe qui subit des dégâts, il n'est donc pas à l'abri des pointes et du fluage comme le serait le cœur d'Isaac. Le manque de salles au trésor et de larmes ne fait qu'aggraver la difficulté. Malheureusement, cela a également tendance à rendre Red Champion Mom presque impossible à éliminer. Comme elle piétine la plupart de ses attaques et elle ciblera toujours Punching Bag.

Stratégie[ | ]

You should follow a general priority in which enemies to kill: enemies that run towards you, followed by exploding enemies, followed by enemies with piercing shots (i.e. Enemies that fire Brimstone shots), followed by enemies that fire regular shots. Remember that Isaac himself is invincible, allowing you to "body-block" shots flying towards the heart.

Rooms containing Mom's Hand are almost impossible to clear (because the Punching Bag is incapable of dodging them), and should be skipped whenever possible. Bombs can be used to skip these rooms by bombing doors open.

Spend as little time as possible in rooms with spikes, because there's a high chance the Punching Bag will walk into them stupidly.

Orbitals are extremely useful for this challenge, since most of them deal a good amount of damage on direct contact. Items such as Sacrificial Dagger are your best source of damage. Health is also important to make up for unnecessary damage, as is Speed to protect your Heart more effectively. Also, pick up the Humbling Bundle for its double Red Hearts.

You can use the spear's fear effect to your advantage and force bosses and mini-bosses away from Punching Bag. This is especially effective against bosses that chase Punching Bag, such as Gemini or Lust.

If you are not too concerned with time or score and just want the unlock, Placenta is a good item to get as well since it can regenerate your health.

The Breath of Life can be extremely helpful in completing this challenge. As you technically have Isaac's Heart, you will not take damage for holding spacebar indefinitely, while doing so will make you completely immune to damage. You still can be hurt while the charge bar is still depleting after you enter the room, but it does make things easier, especially with bosses, and allows you to explore rooms with hazards such as spikes without having to worry that the Punching Bag will wander into them.

It should be noted that you can transform into Guppy during this challenge, however you do not get the visual change that accompanies the transformation. All of the effects, including the generation of flies, are active. The Spear Of Destiny does not seem to generate flies, however familiars and items that generate tears, such as Tammy's Head and Incubus, will generate flies.

Obtaining Blood Rights basically wins the challenge as you can run into a room and repeatedly use the item without you taking any damage while annihilating everything inside.

Having a second player join in makes the game significantly easier. A co-op baby has it's own Spear Of Destiny and is not blindfolded so is able to shoot tears as normal. The co-op baby doesn't take damage because of Isaac's Heart.

Obtaining Athame allows you to activate the black brimstone ring without taking damage, which would make cleaning a room a lot easier, and spawn more Black heart.

Récompense[ | ]

  • Completing this challenge unlocks Blank Runes, which give a random Rune effect when used.