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À l'Envers est le challenge #31. Le joueur commence avec 8 à 10 objets aléatoires, et commence avec le combat contre Mega Satan. Le but est de faire les étages à l'envers, comme le suggère le nom du défi. A chaque fois que le joueur monte d'un étage , il perd le dernier objet qu'il avait et il perd aussi un conteneur de cœur.

Difficulté[ | ]

Commencer avec des objets aléatoires, et commencer avec le combat contre Mega Satan rend ce challenge très difficile au début mais si vous pouvez battre/passer Mega Satan (aussi bien que Satan, contre qui vous vous battrez au prochaine étage), le reste du challenge devient beaucoup plus facile.

Stratégie[ | ]

  • Try to get some really powerful few-item synergies. Resetting is safe, since achievements won't work.
  • Going up a floor will remove one heart container and one passive item. If you have only one red heart container, something as simple as leaving the floor itself will end your run.
    • For this reason, be wary of taking devil deals at low health.
    • Soul Hearts and Black Hearts are not affected by this, however. Thus, Guppy's Paw is an extremely useful item for this run.
  • With resurrection or teleportation items (such as Teleport or Cursed Eye), it's possible to skip boss rooms by dying as being resurrected puts you outside of the room rather than back on the previous floor.
    • Despite this, do not get the Dead Cat. If you attempt to move onto the next floor while you only have 1 HP, you'll instantly die instead of progressing, wasting one of your lives in the process.
    • Likewise, do not get Ankh. If you resurrect as ???, each time you pass a floor you'll lose either a soul or black heart, increasing the difficulty of the challenge.
  • Shops spawn as normal above the Womb.
  • The Fool tarot card and Mom's Hand are both quick ways to get to the starting room.
  • Ehwaz and We Need To Go Deeper! generate closed exits to the next floor, so they cannot help Isaac skip the current floor.

Récompense[ | ]

Donne à Lazarus un nouvel objet de départ: Anemic.

Bugs[ | ]

Bug Bug ! If you quit to menu and continue the run during the Mega Satan boss fight, it will be skipped.

This will also happen if you use a resurrection item during the Mega Satan boss fight.

Bug Bug ! While entering an exit to the previous floor, if player kills the process (isaac-ng.exe) during the versus screen before a boss fight, re-entering the game will lead Isaac to the starting room of previous floor instead of the boss room. This allows the player to finish the challenge pretty easily without any actual fights.